The 21st Century Commandments

In this the advanced age,not only have we managed to improve our once inadequate lives,thanks to science and technology,but have also effectively accomplished to alter age-old value sets very aptly according to our convenience. For all those who were yet unknown of this marvellous relevation, this article throws a light onto our highly-mordernised ethic set

  1. God? Omnipresent, Omnipotent, etc etc. Hmm maybe. But mostly, if you have money, why the need for the Almighty? When I become the respective CEO/MD of my company…wait, I do not want to be boasting, let us start from humbler scenarios. When I get my question papers for a lakh or two, and that too, two days in advance to the actual exam, it is the wad of notes that I exchanged with the proprietor that fetched me the marks, the rank and all. I do not remember God actually helping me get an intelligent brain so that I could pass off, without looking at my books the entire year. But hey, please don’t mistake me. I believe in Him/Her, well I do not know what gender the Almighty is, but yes I do pray to Him/Her every time my stomach gives out on normal digestion, so that I can get well soon. Money does buy me the medicines, but a speedy recovery is also necessary, which depends on luck that God decides. And besides, who has the time to visit the hospital time and again? I also remember praying to the supernatural to exorbitantly punish the thief who stole my cellphone, and also to that mindless female my ex boyfriend is dating currently.  K..K…Karma, right? Yes, I wish God gives them a good dose for all their wrongdoings. Amen.  But yes definitely. Money= Almopotent (Almost+ omnipotent) , and if not Omnipresent, definitely mandatory.
  2. Everybody and anybody who helps me do my work, is my God, till it is done., after which he/she is besotted to the previous designation of either being analogous to a servant, or nonexistent altogether. There is only one God, I me and myself. Because I am just too awesome! Did you know that when I was born, the doctor felt intimidated to carry out my delivery? Have you seen my facebook profile? 1076 friends , 306 followers and 265 likes on my profile picture. There you go, proof right in front of your eyes. And yes, I do understand this world a lot better than anybody. Those who groomed me when I was young did it as a duty. Now it is my duty to follow my attitude. I respect my elders, but that does not mean I need to show that every time I cross them. They should know.
  3. “Badass” is the new trend. I never follow rules, ethics, blah blah blah. Those things are meant to be on paper anyways! I have a very clear set of opinions, and I need to follow them, no matter what, or else the universe might just collapse. I break rules, even when unnecessary, to show how  cool and classy I am. They say you should not limit a man, and that even though you keep him within four walls physically, yet you can never control his mind. True! I do not like riding my bike at 40kmph. So please do not try to restrict me. I never said I would follow the traffic rules! The adrenaline rush that my 120 kmph habit gives me is much more valuable than 3 rules in a book. And then when you catch me, you deem it my fault. Should I carry handout notices for you every time?  The times have changed anyways. Honesty has very smoothly given way to white lies, though the adjective “white” might be eliminated nowadays from the above phrase. Everybody needs to cope with this and be aware of the changes around them. Just like I do not fit any longer in my 5 year old clothes, so I don’t in these old fashioned concepts.
  4. When I work I work, and when I don’t I laze around to the core. A very good example would be in my 90 day tenure to finish a task, I work with full dedication from the 88th day. Please do not expect much from me till the 87th day, because as I said I believe in concentrating 100% in only one work at a time. But then again, the tasks you generally give me are huge. It’s obvious you yourself cannot finish them in the given deadline. So obviously do not expect the same of me.  I am a human being after all!
  5. I am above jealousy. I just tend to not like it when my neighbour has a better house, a more beautiful wife, a bigger garden and a costlier car. So I humbly invest in something that is at least five percent better than his assets. You see, I just cannot have the people in my neighborhood take me as the second best. I shall by all means, retain the first position. I am just being competitive. All is fair in love and war. Therefore,spreading one or two rumours around about my neighbout is not considered a sin. Mythology says even the Gods defeated their opponents taking the help of deceit; and as long as it is used for a noble cause, it is not as big a crime. Life’s whole meaning is to keep oneself happy at all times. I am just abiding by life’s essential philosophy.
  6. Thieves steal. Corrupt politicians and officers cause adultery. Murderers kill. I condemn such acts. I believe they are the sole reasons to the hampering of the harmony present in society. But exceptions to the rule are always there. Buying myself a gold watch and including it in the office expenses, would add a meager amount to the lumpsum of the expenditure the project I am handling is already spending. I shall criticize these people when such news is shown on TV and shall yet indulge in a looser and a smaller dimensional crime. I shall not return the extra money the shopkeeper gives me by mistake, and just once, once, try to get something, no matter how miniscule it is, from a shop without buying . Such small things do not matter in the long run. After all thousands of people are fooling thousand others every minute.wta3

Is this what the intelligent man was striving to achieve for 4000 years while he survived through so many evolutions and calamities? The twenty first century definitely sees a boom in technological, economical and medical fields, but have we really advanced in our social lives, or are we reverting to our uncivilized ways in the long run. It’s time we sat down and thought of it

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