The 3:00 a.m. Chit Chat is Important. Here is why.

The relationship you share with your best friend is actually very weird, you know. Your day starts with sending texts to each other, may be just a simple ‘Good Morning’ to something interesting like ‘Need to tell you about the dream I had last night. Meet me ASAP’. Or you would still be in deep slumber and your best friend would call you right at 6 a.m. to wake you up for the morning lecture at college.

You meet at the college gate, greet each other like you haven’t met in ages, and then walk to class together. All day long you chatter about anything and everything under the sun- “I want that dress for my birthday!” or “You are going to cook that yummy pasta the next time I visit you, okay?” or “How was your date yesterday *cough cough*?” There’s practically nothing which you don’t talk about!

You hang out together, go shopping, watch a movie, gorge on delicious food at your favorite restaurant, and then walk back home together. And yet, when the time comes to bid goodbye for the day, you think “How come the day ended so soon?”

Well, that’s what best friends do to your life!

But then, you still can’t have enough of each other. And so, you get to sending texts to each other at night, or maybe even talking over the phone. You miss your best friend so much that even though you have been together the entire day, you don’t call it a day until you have made that one last late night conversation. Which brings me back to the question- why are late night conversations with your best friend so important?

At the end of a tiring day, we all are filled with anxiety and tension. The mind is filled with all that happened ever since you woke up, what your boss or professor remarked, what your colleagues did, how you failed during your presentation, and plenty of stuff like that. The only thing you would want to do at this point of time is to engage in some light and free activities which could help you relax, something which will give your pent-up tensions a break and make you forget them all for a while. For some, this would mean watching television, playing video games, connecting on the social media, playing with their pets, cooking, reading book or having a chat with their parents or siblings. And then there are people who talk to their best friends!

late night conversation

Best Friends

There is another bunch of people who are away from their best friends, due to work or studies or any other reason. And yet, they never feel the distance in their lives because their hearts are so connected. Even after they would not have met each other for months or years, when they finally meet, the distance seems to fade away in a second! They catch up with each other from exactly where they had left the last time, and it would still feel the same- the same friendship, the same bond, the same warmth.

For those who have spent the entire day with their best friend and yet call or text them later into the night, there’s always something or the other remaining to share! For those who are busy in their daily schedules and have little time to hang out together, late night conversations with their best friends is the best way to relax with. A heart to heart conversation and your day is sealed!

You want someone with whom you can share the tremendous joy of being promoted at your job. Or how you felt when you spoke to your crush for the first time earlier in the day. Or happy you felt on receiving your first salary. Who can you share all this with? Your best friend!

Sometimes, you feel like crying. May be you have a reason, may be you don’t. Just a hell lot of issues and tensions that have been piling up for a long time now, which makes you want to vent it out in some form. Who do you think is going to listen to you cry over the phone? Only your best friend. And say nothing. Because he/ she knows that you’ll feel better if you vent out your emotions in any form- even if it means crying like a kid.

Many of us find a best friend in our parents or siblings. But no matter how close you are to them, you always need that one person in your life outside your family with whom you can share each and every thing, and yet be rest assured that your secrets remain yours only; who won’t judge you, who won’t think twice before helping you out, who will go out of their way to ensure that you are happy and safe, with whom you can just hug and cry to make up after a quarrel.

I could go on and on, but my phone just rang. It’s my best friend.

“Let’s have noodles. I’m hungry.”

I have to go. So what if it’s 3 a.m.?


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