5 Types of People You Need To Sweep Out Of Your Life

I love observing people. There are all kinds of humans in the world- gorgeous, sensitive, emotional, stoic, erratic, etc. Unfortunately, there have been many people who came into my life only to change it for the worse and gradually, drifting apart was the best solution. I do not however, resent having them in my life because they helped in shaping my personality. Here are some kinds of people one should be wary of:

1. Sugar-coated Sweet People: There are 2 kinds of sweetness- Dairy milk sweetness which is super-sweet and Bournville sweetness which is a bit bitter yet everyone loves it. Avoid Dairy-Milk Sweetness. Befriending, these people is the easiest. We often fall into their trap of compliments and get blind folded. We feel they are an angel. However, they reveal their true colours once they are sure we have been tightly roped into their company and their true self is not very praiseworthy. From my experience, I can guarantee, Dairy-Milk sweet people are the most dangerous. They usually have double standards. On the contrary, Bournville people are pleasing to the senses as well as truthful. They do not hide their feelings. They give space and know the difference between telling the truth and blurting out harsh reality.

2. Negatively Influential: These are people who may disdain you from working hard towards your goal. Most of the time, such people would tease you for studying hard for an exam. Here is the truth: YOU NEED TO STUDY TO HAVE A GREAT CAREER. The reason these people look down upon you are :
A) They have inherited super richness and are prodigal children of millionaire parents and so can live for the rest of their lives at their parents’ expense.
B) They have double standards and might be studying behind your back.
C) They have Matilda’s brain that can store whatever they read instantly. I have met all these three categories of people in my life and believe you me, in all the cases only I was the sufferer because the truth is, most of us are not filthy rich or have gained a genius brain and often get carried away when persuaded to not study. We all want to fit in the ‘cool’ group. But partying and loitering will not take us anywhere, we must be balanced. Studies and work are as important as leisure.

3. Taunt-ers: I have come across many people who used to taunt me for everything I did. It is like they had a mean punch line for every choice, my action and thought of mine. After a point of time, I became too self-conscious. I doubted my instincts. Fortunately, before my confidence could hit rock bottom I took the best decision in life and that was- LEAVE SUCH PEOPLE. It is a free world and we all have a freedom of speech, thought and action. Respect others’ choices. Also, after much retrospection, I realised taunts come from a green shallow place of jealousy, so bask in glory.

4. Whiners: As a matter of fact, life is definitely not a bed of roses. Everyone has had failures and success. We all go through a dark emotional phase and have our mourning days. We also tend to count our troublesome days more than we count our happy days. However, there are some people who can never find happiness. They whine about the most minuscule things which may rather pass unnoticed by happier souls. They always have a reason to be unhappy about. Firstly, out of courtesy, we must cheer them up but some people just do not want to lift their spirits up. They would rather sit in their dungeon of thoughts and worse, drag people around them in that black hole. Avoid such people to prevent from becoming a cynic. Be optimistic and find joy even in the microscopic things. Everyone loves a free light-hearted person and your attitude towards hardships will also be easy.

5. Hypocrites: The world is polluted with hypocrites. Avoiding them is difficult because then we may have to avoid half the population. The solution is to maintain a distance from them. These people have no set of static principles. Their beliefs receive a makeover depending on the people they are interacting with because they want to be in the good books of every individual. They praise everyone and bitch about everyone. Progressively, we will realise we can never trust them because who knows where they have been spilling our secrets and laughing at us.

After all, nobody is perfect and even I confess that at some point of time surely even I possessed these qualities. They may have found their way into my being knowingly or unknowingly, I might have practised these manners on my own but definitely, it piques when someone else does. The solution is to keep a check on one’s own self before critiquing others. Be Street Smart. Being opportunistic is no crime. The more we interact with different people, the more aware we become of how to respond. As said by Wayne Dyer, “How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours.”

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