7 incredibly annoying habits in people

Yes you’re right about the inspiration of the title; 7 habits of highly effective people. Only thing is, people I’m talking about here only effectively annoy everyone else. I’ve come across all kinds of people; rude, stalkers, Indifferent etc. I don’t think it’s fair to categorise people like that though because everyone’s an individual and you can’t just generalise like that. So this is more like 7 habits of people in general that are very annoying. I’ll begin with the least annoying and go up to the most annoying, so ascending order basically.

1. Talking-on-a-cell

Talking loudly on the phone in public places

Okay I talk a lot, and I’m loud too, but not so much in public places. I don’t want the world to know what conversation I’m having with whom, and most importantly, I don’t think they would care to know. Why would you be so loud when you’re talking to someone and you know there are about 50 people around who can hear you? It isn’t public speaking, it’s a private phone conversation, remember? So let’s keep it at that and not burden the world with unnecessary information about your life. Thank you very much.

2. Smoking in someone’s face and throwing up after getting drunk

As it is I don’t appreciate smoking very much, and when someone smokes right into my face, my fist is literally ready for them. I mean, you want to smoke, great, go ahead, but not at me. I’m not lying at your disposal that you’ll smoke away to glory. I’m very well visible, don’t smoke right through me. Also, I will never understand the ‘fun’ people have throwing up at parties after getting drunk. Do they not know how much they’re capable of drinking or they presume that people like walking through their vomit? I don’t know. They don’t remember anything and they’re dirty head to toe, and then someone has to clean all of that up and get them home safely. Great work shifting responsibility there. But if you plan to puke, please do it before you enter the party. Throwing up isn’t exactly a great sight to witness.


3. Reading someone else’s text conversations

I think it’s ridiculous to take someone’s phone and read their private conversations. If someone did that to you, won’t you find it absurd? You don’t need to know everything, and since I’m not having that conversation with you, it’s clearly not meant for you to read. That’s not at all hard to understand. So kindly refrain from invading into people’s personal space. It shall be highly appreciated.

4. Constant comparison

“You look nice today. But I love that dress she’s wearing. She looks a tad bit better but it’s okay. Never mind.” I’m sorry I didn’t get whether you were trying to compliment me or make me feel inadequate when you did that. You left me quite puzzled actually. If you plan on complimenting someone, don’t do it half heartedly and don’t compare. Sometimes, people are just trying to be better than themselves and not everyone else, so let them be.


5. Forcing your opinion on people

Some of the best debaters I’ve known have this habit of forcing their opinion on everyone around. It’s like they discard the other person’s viewpoint. I know they get used to proving their point thanks to debating, but sometimes the other person isn’t even arguing. He’s just basically expressing his views so why won’t you let him/her do that? Having an opinion is good, it’s great in fact but let’s get this straight, you keep your opinion and I keep mine. You don’t get to tell me that I’m right or wrong, you’re just not good enough a judge.

6. Showing off

“I just bought an Iphone 5s, it was so expensive but you know how dad spoils me right? He just gets me anything I want. It’s such a lovely phone.” You bought something new and really expensive, I’m sure you’re really excited about it. So well, share the excitement, okay. Don’t rub it in the other person’s face. At least allow them to be happy for you and not hate you for annoying the hell out of them. It’s actually really offensive to someone who cannot afford the same. But if you prefer jealous haters over good friends then you’ve made a fancy choice there. Good luck with that.

7. Ignorance


Ignorance is bliss. No, not really. I can write a thesis on this, I detest ignorance to that extent. You text someone on WhatsApp and they don’t reply for 3 hours while they’re constantly online. I can understand that you’re busy, but it isn’t that hard to at least let me know that you are. I didn’t text you to feel ignored and unworthy of a simple reply. It’s very demeaning actually and mostly just really inconsiderate. If you find ignoring someone that convenient then you should let them know that they don’t matter enough for you to reply to him. At least don’t keep them in the dark, let them have some clarity. And if you’re just careless, then learn to be more careful the next time and be prepared with a serious apology.

All you people out there who indulge into any of these 7 habits, kindly refrain. You’ll save yourself a lot of hate, and spare everyone else too

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