A trick to win over God’s heart

Years have passed by, and now we have been a little mature. In our early childhood, we thought GOD to be a person who had his home in the sky, one who could do anything, one who would fulfil our wishes and with all majestic powers, he used to be our superman. We thought him to be the one who could punish you if you did something bad to others, for lying and for mistreating others. This very picture of GOD intimidated our very nascent soul.
But as we grew, this perception started taking a new shape, new dimensions, and now what we know is that He is not actually “HE”. His powers are worth our imagination. He is the ultimate power; the sole truth. Actually he is our real guardian.


We do ask our parents a number of times to fulfil our demands- be it from having a candy in our yester years to new outfits or be it for a new phone or a bike in our teenage. Sometimes we get all that we want in one go but sometimes we have to repeat our wishes (most of the times silly) henceforth forcing our parents to agree to our demands.

God asks us to do something different. If we abide by his wishes, our desires are quenched in no time.

The question is what does almighty wants us to do?

It’s actually the simplest rather easiest one we are being asked to do.

Any guesses???


Well, the answer is, he just wants us to be a child. Surprising, isn’t it? But this is the truth. He wants us all to be the little one. Be his child and he would listen to your demands in just one go. The only condition is that we do not have to complain.

Why does he want us all to be a child? We all know that children are said to represent god. It’s said they are true incarnation of the almighty. Now, question that emerges is why are children supposed to be god?

Before answering this simple question, I would ask you to define a child. Who is basically a child? Children are those who are marked by innocence both at their hearts and their exteria. They are honest, humble and do things from their heart. They are not indulged in the worldly affairs of the rich or the poor, corrupt or genuine, good or bad, equalities and inequalities, egoistic and self-centred, blame or absolve, true or fake and so on and so forth. For a child everything, everyone is good, free from imperfections. A child knows to love unconditionally. He/she is genuine and pure. They don’t know blaming others rather accept their mistakes and prefer to cry a river in front of their parents. They are afraid to hide anything especially when they commit any mistake though mistakenly. Above all they do not know complaining. They are happy with what their parents lend to them according to their needs and requirements.

But we, the grown up souls are all indulged in the complex and mysterious ways of this world. All those traits that didn’t find their existence in our childhood have been a paid renter in our very minds. We are so messed up in this spider web that we have lost the sight of our very true being!

We have learnt to lie, to bluff, to cheat, to ignore, to disrespect and to lose our composure.

Now we are good at blaming others for our mistakes rather than being strong enough to accept them and work upon them. We are not afraid of our parents anymore, what scares are the very fact that what other would think if we are caught for our misdeeds. Forget the almighty, now he is just a name. All that matters now is I, ME, and MYSELF. Damn everyone else.

The sad part of the story is we learnt to complain. For every single thing we complain. We complain because we are dissatisfied with what we have. The urge of getting anything and everything has made us blind. It seems we are the participants of that never ending race of lust, desires and wishes. If at all we get what we want, we are at zenith, but as soon as we fail to achieve what we want, our world is crashed, sadness surrounds and happiness dies.

Oh how I wish we were still kids! At least we would have been hell lot happier than we are now. It’s not that we have lost the battle. Not at all! We still have that chance.

you way to god's heart

What needs to be done in order to be a kid from your heart is stop complaining and start demanding. The rule is your demand should be true, straight from your heart. Let go of all the grudges and relieve your little heart. Be a child, be that little one, be that innocent and true soul and see your demands being fulfilled in no time. Because god loves his children and he is always eager to fulfil their demands.
So, what I feel is that there should be a balance between spirituality and our own lives. It is because connection with that ultimate power can supply you not only vibrant energy but also helps you explore your hidden potentials which is an infinite reservoir of positivity and optimism. This energy can ultimately be used to make this world “A BETTER PLACE.”

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