Thomas Jefferson said, “When you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot in it and hang on!”

Yes, that is precisely what we need to do. Hang in there. Gift of life is the only thing we get by default. Rest everything depends on how we deal with this amazing journey called life. It sure may seem like the end of the road sometimes, but the real beauty of life lies in taking it forward from that ‘dead end’.  It’s only natural to feel beaten down at times, to feel you are unable to take the pressure anymore, to feel you are getting lost amidst all the chaos and madness. During such difficult times the only thing that can help you is, you yourself! No amount of consoling and/or caffeine can pull you out of those deep pits. What you need to do instead is reflect upon your life, take a deep breath and introspect. Happy memories lingering in the subconscious have an amazing healing power. They can uplift your mood and reenergize your spirits. All you got to do is channelize your energy in the right direction.

This is where Kick of Joy steps in. We are a bunch of writers attempting to preach about the art of living by introspecting our own lives. Just like you, we have had a life full of experiences, from broken hearts to blissful adventures; we have been through a lot.

At KickofJoy we believe that every individual has his/her own personal story about life which is unique in the way it unravels yet similar in the way it connects you to millions of other people. The story of your first love, the healthy habits which changed you for good, an inspiring journey you undertook with a friend, the sunset which left you awe-inspired, a challenge which taught you the value of friends; life is a wonderful potpourri of incidences both small and large. It’s only when you share them on a platform like that that you realize how beneficial it has been for your overall personality development.

With some ordinary yet motivating stories by our authors, we welcome you into a world which everyone can associate to.

Happy living! J