Adjudication: A Social Evil

The law says you have the freedom of choice, freedom of movement, freedom of speech. To how much extent do we exercise our rights? For several years the oppressed have been living under the shadows of their fears, are you one of them? Internet bullies, trolls, ragging, peer pressures, harassment of all kinds. ARE YOU BEING JUDGED FOR WHO YOU ARE? Contemplating to speak up? Why? Because you feel you have no power? Too many questions being asked but no answers! INDIA NEEDS AN ANSWER! : P


The 21st century as our older generation are calling it, is the era of “Kaluga” or “the era of damnation”. I wonder why people are less empathetic about the little details of life as people were earlier. Statistics say, today we care about others 40% less than the people did in the 1980’s did. Sad eh? It’s all about trying to impress yourself to others these days. Basically, selling your own image. You will be bought off on your face value. We all know those “kinds” of people, we have bifurcated every single individual in our society on basis of the tiniest distinction.

It is turning out to be a major genocide. Well I am kind of exaggerating it as genocide but it has the similar kind of effects. Suicides being attempted and succeeded. This is somewhat an evil amongst the younger generation, where the way you portray yourself is the basis to you being accepted into the “cool category”. So just because you seem to excel in class, the stubborn rich brat has an issue because that individual cannot perform the way you do. ‘Oh you don’t wear a Gucci “scarf” on your Louis Vitton dress, well I am sorry girl we cannot hang out anymore.’ ‘OMG, she is so fat, who knows maybe her parents are hippos too!’ Reading the ‘Twilight’ you are so mainstream. Sheesh. Okay I cannot list each and every kind of little judgement being passed, but it is sickening to what horizons people cross them. C’MON. GROW UP. Ok too harsh. ‘GET A LIFE’.

In the US, around 4,000 deaths per year due to bullying. Suicide rates in India are higher above world rate. 20% of the people that commit suicide every year are Indians. Now we know our country is westernizing at a fast pace, not only are external pressures the causes, but also internal. Political influence, irrational treatment to women, oppression on the poor, parents, peers etc! Nobody is safe from being victimized and adjudicated. Nowhere. Isn’t this much alarming enough? Are we just supposed to watch and not say anything to stop this? For how long are people going to let the insecure rule the weakling’s minds?

The victims. Most of them tend to fall into the vortex of the constant harassment, my point of to how much extent are we exercising our rights? People, you see in the everyday life, bullying you over the internet. That just shows how cowardly they are to say things to your face upfront. INSECURITY is what drives people into committing all such kinds of acts.

If you have something to say, say to their faces rather than holding it inside which will only kill you to the point of choking you. What needs to be understood is, there are different kinds of people, and you young lad need to understand that fact. We are all human beings in the end. It is the classification that diversifies us. Now, distinction is necessary because our traits are all not the same, we all do not think the same, technically no, but we all are wired the same way. One heart, one mind, one earth. Okay too hippy-like, ha-ha!

You go to a bookstore, with a certain book in mind or maybe just to get something new. There you find this book by a well known author or an unknown one, and the cover is absolutely shoddy. Maybe has an image of a half-naked person or something of the gross sort. Or maybe the summary is ill written. I mean yeah you wouldn’t go for it maybe because the title doesn’t interest you or you think it will have horrifying tales or fearing it has too much adultery. I am not mentioning any book in particular because, well simply, I don’t put down a book just because it has an erratic looking cover or the author’s thoughts don’t match mine. Who does that? Until you haven’t gone through a few pages how can you say the book is good or not? Not everyone can digest everything, each is to his own here. You cannot read all the books published in this lifetime. If you find it is worth taking the time out to read, it will help gain knowledge, or simply has an interesting story, take it!

Same goes with humans. You don’t know where they come from and why they are the way they are. Unless! you are willing to explore the possibilities of knowing. Humans are kind of like books. Having either a hard or a soft bound cover, bound by endless secrets, it is only until you venture through these pages that you appreciate the beauty of this book. You are bound to dislike a few people but that does not mean to go to the point of humiliating that person because certain actions don’t appeal to you. Learning to accept the differences and to make do with it is important. Most of my articles here send out one message,

Open your mind, the world isn’t as cold as it seems. Really.

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