An Agglomeration of Our Choices, Shapes our Life

We all make choices, but in the end our choices makes us”

-Ken Levine

Life is all about choosing things which make us happy, feel better or which can lead us in the rightful path. What we chose is what it makes us. Do we have to choose right? Although the answer is simple as yes, but how could anyone possibly know that what is the right thing to do and if one knows, then there would not be a need to choose isn’t it?


Every single decision we make is a choice and there is an another option always. We might think otherwise many a times that we are left with no choices except doing the one thing which is in front of us, but there is always another way of doing things which we have to choose.


A decade of years back, I was supposed to choose a college for my graduation. I was an average student and did not have any big aims, as what I really wanted out of my life, but all I wanted was a change of place and move into the big city life. My parents suggested a few things which were helpful for my further education. Instead, I opted for a course in the big city with high dreams, however the course and the college was not much of any importance in my life career radar. Regardless of the fact, I loved being in my dream place, I found it extremely difficult to go along with my subjects. Until the end I thought I have no other way, however I realize now, I could have made changes in the beginning itself and could have saved all the wasted time. Well, I did choose and have to go through. There, the choice I made that day made me stumble until this day, finding my way through, changing tracks, changing everything in every way. The journey I made since then was a roller coaster ride. Eventually the big city dream wore off; but life was not so easy as I thought. I was out of my graduation with not much of flying colors per-se, but with a satisfactory passing result. I did take additional courses as alternatives later and spent another year in finding about what I really want in my life and began to find my way in doing things which eventually made me happy.

Happiness and success in our life entirely depend on the kind of choices we make. There is no guarantee for the choices we do be the right one and which might lead us to perfectionism. In truth, there is nothing perfect. Life is never perfect and along the path we find a lot of bumps. Nonetheless, being careful and thoughtful can save a lot of wrong choices.

How to make the proper choice? Well, there is never a definite way of selecting the right, but through some right intuitions we can try making a choice which can be satisfactory. We have to choose is when there is more than one option, hence focus on the out-come of each of the option and find out which end result makes you feel better. Choosing to do that option which has the best outcome for you will be the choice you make. Yes! There are times when that particular choice which we might have considered has the best out-come might turn out to give the worst out-come or something non-satisfactory. Hence the reason for the choices are called as a choice and not a decision which can be a final thing and you could never go back. If possible go back, take the other option and try again, if not you have to change your choices, until you find the right path.


Making your own choices helps to build self esteem and self respect. It also allows you to recognize your capabilities and responsibilities. Most of us think that the big decisions in life are what matters more and not the simple choices we make in every day life. But it’s actually the other way round. Simple choices we make in life and those choices all together let’s us make big decisions. An agglomeration of choices makes the bigger decisions in our life which, shape our lives.

One wrong choice, can lead to a series of wrong choices. Selecting wrong can some times affect our self esteem and a willingness to consider other alternatives and choose other options. Hence it is always necessary to think before we leap and try making a choice which gives the best out-come, and if not be ready to make immediate changes.


I have been hearing this quote from many especially from today’s youngsters as ‘My Life, My Way’ but is it really? Made me think for a moment. Our life is always linked to someone else lives, people who might love us and who care for us. Our parents, our spouses or partners, our children, our friends and so many others. Living our life in our own way is again a choice we make and living for someone is also a choice. Sometimes we chose to do things in life which actually are not our way or not something which we had in mind. Yet, we chose is simply because we like to see the other person involved being happy. All in all, the satisfaction depends on the out-come. Hence chose to do different and not something which you think the right way of doing only when the end result can make you glad.

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