Before diverging further, I want to share a physiology lecture with you. But don’t worry all lectures are not that boring. On one such afternoon, the professor entered the class with an empty jar and some luggage along with it. All students were dumbfounded as they had never seen the fearsome teacher with something different than his notes and an attendance sheet for which they usually had to bear his super boring class. He placed that empty jar on the table and put some golf balls inside it till its brim. Then he asked the students “Is the jar full”? All the students replied in affirmation. Some even mocked at the silly question thinking the professor to be insane. He paid heed to no such rubbish and carried on. Then he put some small marbles within it. The marbles perfectly filled the empty spaces left by the golf balls. Once again he asked the same question and the answer was still the same. Then he went for polythene of sand and poured it inside the minute spaces available. It slid inside it swiftly without any complain. It was poured till the brim. The professor asked the same question again. This time everyone knew that he was up to something. But they had no other choice but to say that it’s full. Then he brought beer and poured inside the already filled jar. It somewhat slid inside the tiny pores of sand. Then same question and the same answer echoed the room.   jar of life Then the professor actually told them the motive behind doing all this. He said that life is just like an empty jar and the golf balls actually denoted parents and siblings. Although they are uneven in size but they are enough to fill the empty void in our life. We need not worry if we have them and their care, love with us. The marbles denoted the friends. They fill the small spaces left by our parents. They pass us insane advices when we have no guts to ask our parents. They are the fun element, without which there will be some excitement and thrill left behind. But still they also fill our life like the marble balls. And finally the sand denotes the money, car, house and all the materialistic stuff. Without them even, we have having a perfect life which is full and not requisite of anything. Saying this, he culminated the class. But someone asked then what that beer is for? Every one burst out laughing. He said that sometimes in life we need that extra beer party with friends to chill out. Saying these he went out. This is not just about a lecture. But we get to learn a serious lesson from it. We often complain to god for being unfair to us. We compare our lives with others. It seems as if they have all the things we vie for. He got promotion, he is well settled, has got a perfect partner but I don’t possess any of these. I have just a jobless life with lots and lots of taunts from neighbors. But in reality he might be having an ailing mother who is just a guest for few weeks or he might be a captivated employee in his company who is confined to heavy work load he cannot deny. There might be a possibility that his partner is too possessive of him and doesn’t allow him to hangout with friends like you. Life is equal to all and sundry. If there are days of darkness, rays of hope might not be far away. If he enjoying in some way, there are umpteen ways in which he might be envious of your jolly life. So just try to unveil the real you and bask in the joy of being yourself. Life is always fair to us. From the day we have been born, parents have been the spine of our life. Be it any sorrow or mistake, they have made us slid through it easily. They are the ray of hopes which makes our gloomy journey lively and happiness. As someone said God couldn’t be present everywhere, so it gifted us parents. Our parents stick throughout with us through thick and thin. They shower us with unconditional love and affection, although we might be insane in all stuffs. It is enough if we have our parents leading us the way. images Not only life has gifted us parents but also it has given us so cheerful and supporting friends without which I guess we couldn’t have survived this long. We are humans are cannot survive the world alone. After a time being, we prefer not to pay heed to our parent’s advice but friends are the ones who will always remain by our side and the lead us through the tunnel. Although we should be content with all these, we have a tendency to be greedy. So are the materialistic things like a icing on the cake. If we put the sand before the golf balls and marbles, there would be no space for them and our life would be in mess. So set your priorities right. We tend to be swayed by these stuff but we should always remember our life’s golf balls and marbles before yearning for more and comparing our life with others. Our life is too perfect to be enjoying it with thrill and excitement.


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