Angel in Disguise: You can be one too

Strong people stand for themselves but the strongest people stand up for others.

Yesterday (17-Feb-14) was Random Act of Kindness Day. Did u do any act of altruism and humanity? Did u become someone’s hero even for a day? I have a person in my life who has always been an altruist to each entity he meets up. Whenever somebody is upset or confused they meet  him up and discuss their queries and eventually get a solution.I had never listened a sole criticism against him from anybody I am acquainted with. Every so often I wonder how  can somebody be nice to people consistently. It is not easy. Conversely he is unusual and 24*7 generous donor. He is nobody but my teacher and adviser.


We came into contact when I was in college and he came as a new faculty to my college. At that time I was oblivious that he would become so significant and a personality from whom I can take in so much positivity. Not to talk about his excellent professional skills and the best part was, he knows it so well how to segregate his personal life and professional life. In those 2-3 years he became favorite of everybody and loved by masses. Whenever I asked what is so extraordinary about him, I used to get the same answer that he is a help every time and u can count on him even at 2:00 AM in the morning. Now this is difficult and not all of us can be like him I am sure.


What I had observed in him is that he stood for the weaker ones always. He is the one who is pleased about their accomplishment and push them whenever they fall back. In today’s materialistic world we lend a hand of assistance in order to get something in return. I imagine sometimes that,  did he get anything in return by being such an altruist? Last time when I met him he was the same with a colossal smile and self-effacing nature. As we were entering our premises, a boy was standing and passing on pamphlets. We scrutinize so many children doing the same near metro station, railway station and other jam-packed areas. We often tend to ignore such people and consider them as a hindrance and seldom take their pamphlets. I was the same that day and walked away without paying heed to that boy. As I turned to talk to my teacher, he was not there. He calmly took the pamphlet from that boy and rushed towards me as we were getting late. I looked at his face and questioned him why did u take it, it is waste and we will dump it anyway. He smiled and said, for that particular moment you did not notice the smile and happiness on that boy’s face? He looked contended and I can dump it later, why to upset him when we can make him happy? I could not grasp his words and just remembered it. Later when I came to my home I recalled his wordings and realized he was right. If for a second even we can bring a smile on somebody’s face then why to take a back foot?

Every single one of us study, labor for ourselves. Even me. I won’t seclude myself from the masses. What is the destruction in being cooperative to individuals who are deprived and needy? What is the damage in becoming someone’s hero? Believe me, we will feel joyful and contended at the end. There are small occurrences when we can assist others and it would not take anything away from us. Just a matter of time and minuscule resources. This help can be of any form whether giving food to the street children to helping your grand-parents in finding their things. Worshiping god is a great virtue but dishonoring his own creation is worse and traumatic. I have seen people donating amounts to charity but when it comes to giving extra wages to their domestic help they are apprehensive. What type of worship is this? A great example for all of us is Mother Teresa who is also known as Saint of Gutter’s. In spite of all odds she opened a hospital where people dying in streets were treated. Those people have themselves stated that, “I have lived like an animal, but now I am dying like an angel.”


Love the people around you and world will be a beautiful place. Give immense love to whomsoever you meet and you will be contended. We work from day to noon to feel satisfied. Philanthropy gives immense joy and satisfaction. Take a stand for the needy and weaker ones. They are fragile and a small push believe me will boost their morale. I do not say incur all your investment in helping other’s but a small amount; say 5% of your gross income will do no harm to you? I have learnt these things from him and I would always want my younger generation to imbibe the same and pass it to others. . It is our world and we have to make it a better place to live in.

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