Angels are not Mythical Characters. You can be one too

‘Angel ’, a word that paints all the pitch black darkness and murkiness into bright white pigment as it emerges in the mind. A word which immediately draws a serene image of pure white attired beings having feathers on their back and a subtle crown of light on their heads, just by reciting the word the complete picture pops up on the screen of the mind. Reciting it only once can take us to another heavenly city altogether, that’s the power of presence of their existence in our mindsets. They are told to be envoy of god. In many religions and scriptures they have been mentioned as the messenger of supreme entity. 

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But what makes them so special and magically beautiful that even god himself keeps them near him? What characteristics and values do they carry that they have an indelible imprint on our mind? Do they signify something or are they real subtle organ beings? Well, all the scriptures and mythologies were written to deliver a message. Every character had something to say and inspire the society. Each and everything had its meaning and so do angels have. 

Angels are the bunch of virtues and values that lie in the human spirit and can be evoked by focusing on it. Angels represent some divine and virtuous personality traits. There is a rationale behind their wings, white clothes and light circlet.

Commencing from their appearance, which is white like snow symbolizes purity of mind. A mind which is absolutely clean, having no impure, wicked thoughts for anybody or anything is alike this trait of them.

We show angels having feathers and hence they are capable of flying. Only that person can live happily and light in this earth who is competent to keep himself totally in the present moment, who does not carry his past with him. Past is like garbage. We can’t do anything regarding it. This feather indicates this quality of mind of being in present moment and keeping mind clean from the waste and garbage past thoughts. By keeping away all the past thoughts we save a lot of mental energy and consequently can feel that lightness. When our mind is burdened with waste past thoughts and unnecessary thoughts of controlling others, we can’t feel that state of mind. Hence to fly, we need to stop hovering over past & trying to control the things which are not in our control. Bringing out all the junk will automatically lighten the mind and subsequently provide us the subtle feathers to fly above all the mundane tensions.

Now we talk about the circlet that shows the consistency of pure thoughts and the harmony in thoughts, words and action. Being true and transparent inside out makes us confident, which reflects through our face and is named ‘aura’. The purer the mind is, the greater the impact of aura would be.

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“Each soul is potentially divine. The goal is to manifest this divinity by controlling nature internal or external.” – Swami Vivekananda 

The angelic traits are inherent in every soul but due to acquired impressions, it more or less resides in dormant stage but the matter is that it is still there in every human mind. Angels are told to be benevolent creatures and are always ready to help others selflessly. This shows the quality of sensitivity. A mind which is sensitive enough to gauge the problems of people around it and is prompt to assist in solving them represents this virtue of angels.

Angels are detached that is why their feet are not on floor. They fly up above the sky. Detachment means protection from the influence of the situation and watching and analyzing it from the right perspective. When a person is detached from the situation then only he can have the clarity to solve it and power to save oneself from its influence.

Introspection comes as a result of detachment. Angels are supposed to be introspective. A mind which can introspects, can sort out its problems and thus is independent. Independence brings the self worth, another personality trait of angels. They know their worth and respect it. 












“God will reward you, he said ‘You must be an angel since you care for flowers.”-Victor Hugo     

The most blessed feeling in the world is to be cared and if being cared unconditionally, then it is nonetheless boon. Angelic beauty comprises of unconditional care, acceptance and tolerance. Abundance is what defines the limit of their concern and care. Their beauty is not at all dependent on people’s behavior or response. It is all serene, individual and uniquely charming.      

light and fire


“We be light, we be fire! We sing electric flame. We rumble underground wind, we dance heaven!                                                                     Come be we and be free!” – Kate griffin 

Being angelic is not only about care, love, acceptance and tolerance but it is also about light and fire i.e. courage and power to face. As stability of mind is the prime quality that the angels possess they face the situation in more strong way and sail through it smoothly. The mind which is silent and free from clutter and internal noise can tackle a problem in easier way and hence power to face enhances.     

Angels stand for spectrum of values and virtues ranging from cooperation, care and love to courage and power. They are not merely meant to be remembered but also to be evolved within us. They inspire us to be like them. They inspire us to evoke the divine within and to experience our true beauty and potential.

 Get connected inside and be Angelic!

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