Are we being responsible enough?

We have been given the fundamental rights. Very often we fight for it, owing to its ignorance by the government. What we fail to realize is that the fault is completely ours. We remain ignorant to most of the basic demands for keeping our country wealthy.

Cleanliness is the key to well being. Government has taken the necessary actions to segregate degradable and non biodegradable wastes. We are merely requested to dispose them accordingly in their respective bins. But we do not do that. Instead, we tie them all together and throw them. Worst is the place where it is thrown. While some try to throw it into the bins provided by the corporation, most of them fall out. No one bothers to pick it up and throw it inside properly. I noticed a situation which is far worse. A piece of paper was fallen under a car parked by a house. A few hours later, a passerby threw another bit of paper on it. In no time, many people began to add to the pile and that became a new dumping area. Neighbors deliberately began to accumulate their garbage there. This increased the population of insects and rodents, accompanied by the deadly disease causing germs they carry. Apart from this, such ignorant acts prove to be fatal in other ways too. When a person traveling in a vehicle carelessly throws something, it may either distract the driver in the vehicle behind or even block his view completely. It is potentially harmful for the bike riders.

Spitting in the public places is yet another problem. It is more commonly found in northern India. People chew betel leaf, tobacco, etc and spit them. Even today, we find stains on the walls of the old buildings yet to be renovated. It is a pity when the buildings that possess great architectural significance of the past are ill treated by such acts. This activity is unhygienic too and a chief cause for the spreading of communicable diseases. Public lavatories are provided everywhere. Despite that, men still tend to relax by the trees and walls. This includes well educated men.

Not everyone can afford to own a personal vehicle. Global warming possesses a serious threat to the entire living community of our planet. Considering both of these, governments encourage the use of public transports like buses and trains. But some people make these inconvenient for others to travel. In trains, they sit on the boarding place, causing trouble to those who want to board and get down. When there is crowd, some do not hesitate to climb on to the train or bus and travel hanging. When late, people do not intend to wait even a few minutes but run to catch the vehicle. They are well aware of the consequences being fatal, if they miss a step accidentally. But they do not care about it.

Inspite of the availability of flux boards and numerous ways of advertising, those who cannot afford them, stick posters. This is agreeable if they are stuck on appropriate places. Unfortunately, we find advertisements on the walls of houses and public buildings. This spoils the overall aesthetic appeal of the place.

Places have been allotted for parking almost everywhere. Still, no one follows the guidelines and parks their vehicles in an unorganized manner. This makes it difficult for the others to get their car / bike out later or even pass through the road. Nowadays, improper parking has become a chief reason for traffic jams. Failing to abide by the traffic rules is fatal not only for the driver but for the other fellow drivers as well.

General knowledge is mandatory. We need to know what is going on in and around us. Unfortunately, many are much concerned about the happenings in the neighborhood. People spend a lot of time in gossiping about others. What good is it going to do? Not only do the jobless do it, but also those who work in the day. On returning home, gossiping is the chief hobby. Thanks to the social networks that not being able to meet in person has become immaterial.

Child labour. Right to education is what everyone demands for. But when it comes to someone else’s child, shopkeepers do not hesitate to give them work under low wages. It is highly regretting to see young children working in order to support the family.

India is the second most populated country in the world. This is indeed not something that could be taken pride of. It affects the overall economy of our nation and brings in many other unfavorable consequences. Still, even educated people are behaving irresponsibly. They go up to having four children just to have one daughter or son.

All of us are citizens of the country and each person’s activity has an impact on our entire nation and it’s people. We all are interdependent. Even the richest person has to eat the grains harvested by the farmers. So, can we be selfish. Won’t it in turn affect us in the future in double-fold? Health and safety relies upon what we do. Tourism gets affected, especially the foreigners. If they share a bad opinion about our country with their fellow country men, does it not earn us a bad name?

Government has other issues to deal with as well. We need to be responsible and help it by acting wisely. When we are hungry, only if we eat, does the satiety come. You reap what you sow. Hence, never be selfish. Act for yourself and the community’s well being.


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