The Art of Confidence Decoded

George Bernard Shaw in his work ‘Saint Joan’ stated that- ‘A miracle, my friend, is an event which creates faith. That is the purpose and nature of miracles…Frauds deceives. An event which creates faith does not deceive: therefore it is not a fraud, but a miracle.’ Faith in oneself so as to do even the impossible and to react properly in the worst of situations is what ‘confidence’ is all about. It is that dire quality that makes people different from each other and it is what stimulates one to find success easily while the other just sits down and notes down the ways of why they weren’t able to achieve the heights that the other did.

Exuding confidence is a bit like being wealthy. It resides inside of you and revert you to turn into someone who can do anything that they turn their eyes upon. Confidence, like money only becomes a problem when it disappears. Life cannot be totally perfect. In fact, that is absolutely unrealistic but what you need to do is to stick to your hopes and dreams. The journey might not be smooth and you might feel like wading through treacle but this is how and where you got to learn about the art of developing your confidence. This art involves you to let yourself stay away from the no-confidence stature and let the causes go. With time and experience you need to get on the road less boggy and emerge as a victor with a commitment to make changes and on taking responsible decisions for yourself.

It is always better to place your bet on a target, set your sights on it and journey towards it with a dire determination and will power. This would ensure that you encounter more tough times ahead and face them in a way so as to learn life’s most intricate of lessons. There might be times when confidence would have been in abundance inside of you and there might be times when you would have just been a miniature version of a no-faith-in-oneself form. It is only by building up confidence that you could try and enhance out the pleasant and formulate glow that shows the respective person to be confident and disciplined.

Samuel Beckett wrote- ‘Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.’ Even if certain experiences were fatal and distracting, you need to focus on them to learn the lessons and move on towards a better world. It is only through working in a certain way and by trying to learn at each and every step that you can achieve the heights that would make you the person that everyone respects and adores. Confidence is an ability to understand the situation and mold oneself in a way so as to solve the trouble in the most apt and quick manner. No one is born with confidence but it is only through developing oneself by going through difficult situations that you can build up the trait inside of you.


Confidence does not mean that you have to be bumptious and become a grisly character who teases the people around him. Be humble and be yourself but more than it have faith in yourself and your abilities. You are someone who has immense potential and it is through this faith that you can try changing your life pattern. Life is a journey undertaken in order to escape from an unpleasant place and situation, to fight them and then get into a more conducive one. It is all about giving credit of living the entire successful life to your genesis and helping others on the way to tranquil and golden times. You should not be skeptic to your own abilities but be a believer in them. The walls of your life are limned with the scenes of your everyday life. It is all about the experiences and situations that you get into and which you resolve easily so as to make yourself stronger from heart and mind.

Confidence is imponderable and foraying into the subject can lead to lot of debate. The main thing is that you need to ignite the fire of faith inside of you to ensure that whatever be the situation, you are able to handle it on your own way and in your own terms. Life is a food garnished with a variety of spices. It is only in your hands, how you tend to let the spices be in quantity inside of your life. With confidence, you can ensure to live your life with great gusto. Fight with the incubus inside of your heart and create fortitude of immense strength so as to combat any adversity that tries to attack you.

The hummock of disasters surrounding you might be big but do not fret or frown but have confidence enough to be firm on your decisions and take action immediately. Sometimes it is through actions taken with confidence and courage that situations can be overcome. It is all about confidence and how you decide to live your life as. A man with confidence is someone who is always in authority and in demand. Live life to its fullest and exude the confidence inside you with pride!

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