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As a child I used to draw a lot, sketches, paintings, cartoons and just anything. I used to have so many drawing books and color boxes. I loved it and I was kinda good at it. A little more than a mere hobby it actually made me feel good at something and whenever I will be appreciated for my drawings it would feel pretty nice. I even own a huge pile of certificates which I got after winning various art competitions. Whenever someone used to say you draw well or you have a talent it sure felt great, after all who doesn’t like compliments (and prizes!).

Then gradually I stopped drawing. Somewhat because of lack of time, there is so much to study and other stuff which is always going on. Somewhere my partial laziness is to be blamed or having an internet connection but moreover I think I stopped drawing because I thought what I was doing didn’t really matter, not to me and not to anybody else either. I mean I no longer can show my sketch book to my art teacher at school and get a smiley face or a star for my drawings. Neither my academic choices are anyhow related to art or designing, so I started thinking of it as useless and a waste of time. But one random day out of utter boredom I decided to draw a portrait. I found a beautiful picture over the internet of a girl in black and white and I really wanted to try my pencils over it. I took out my forgotten sketch book which was lying in an old drawer, sharpened a pencil and got into my artist mode (lazy comfortable clothes, a messy bun, some music and my sketch book, sometimes that’s all I need!). After a couple of hours when I was done drawing I was pretty exhilarated to see the outcome. It was far better than my expectation and any of the drawings I had made till then. But then again what is the use? What am I going to do with it? I am not that good an artist who can put up an exhibition to display her artwork or go out n sell it but yeah I’m an active Instagram user. So I clicked a picture and instagrammed it. In little while I got sum 20 likes and a few comments. (20 Likes! Woop!) Out of those comments, one was “I love this little sketch. You are very talented. Never stop drawing”. Ghosh! I can’t explain how much it really meant. Especially since it wasn’t from any friend or anybody I know but from a complete stranger who did not just say few sweet words to please me but it was a genuine remark. Moreover the fact that my art has reached out to somebody, maybe inspired them or may have just brought a smile on their face is a huge deal for me. And it made me believe that yes my art does matter. I may not open up an art studio ever in my life or try making a career out of it but even just a little sketch on a sheet of paper means something, maybe little maybe more, but it definitely means.

your art matters 2

People spend a major portion of their lives working hard and trying to make a living. Somewhere in this rat race for earning more and more money we give up on our hobbies and passions. Usually because we don’t have the kind of time for it now as we had during childhood or growing up years. Or it might be because we stop believing in those hobbies. But your art and skills always matter.

Do something that makes you happy. A little drawing of a bunch of stick figures also means substantial to a child while it might be just a few random lines but they still like it and happily indulge in it. Likewise you also can enjoy it even if you are not very good at it and it will still mean something and matter at some level.

your art matters 3

Art isn’t just the ability to draw a few strokes on paper forming beautiful landscapes or patterns but it can be anything that you use as a medium to express yourself. It can be writing poems, if that’s what you like or are good at, or it can be singing. You can have a particular sport as your art or any other hobby you grew up enjoying. If it makes you feel good then it is solving a purpose and a very important one for that matter. If it is helping in saying things which you cannot say otherwise or in expressing your thoughts and feelings then it is fruitful. If you make your art reach out to other people and give them an opportunity to appreciate or learn from your art then what can be better than that? And even if you decide to keep it with yourself it still matters. One does not have to be excellent in their art for it to mean something.


PS- Here is the little sketch I drew!

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