Have an attitude of gratitude!


As every being is born with its unique identity and caricature, so is its attitude made of an as unique entity as the being itself!

Attitude is the way a person thinks acts and treats other being it is a gesture driven act, your behaviour is your attitude, the way you walk the way you dress up, the way you talk all comes together to make your attitude which represents you being unique from everyone else, it`s a notion these days that a person  who brags too much or is of much of a show off is filled with attitude or is showing attitude but the way this word is being used in these ways is wrong, attitude does not give you any bragging rights nor if you flaunt too much you are showing your attitude, the acts of showing your attitude the acts of showing off are meant to stand shining in the crowd; attitude is nothing to do with an act which does not come naturally.

As said attitude shows the uniqueness of a person it is your souls mirror because the way you act so is the way you think, gratitude is a feeling of gratefulness towards someone, it`s a kind gesture, it`s this feeling that makes feel more blessed and thankful.


A person who realizes the wonders of gratitude is the one who starts loving himself who starts loving everything all around him the one who realizes gratitude of magical powers and applying them to its life is the one full of bliss, happiness and he becomes a harbinger of love.

A person who instils in him the attitude of gratitude becomes happy from within such a person them realizes the importance of everything all around in him, such a person is thankful for anything he gets and for everything he has got till date, sometimes we becomes too complacent about the things we don`t have, we crib for more of everything, if it`s a big house we want a one even bigger, a new phone with the latest one coming to the market. We assume that money just flows for us from almost everywhere we have started taking things for granted, we want everything we demand for, not realizing what it takes to get that , if our parents are the ones who are feeding us right now , we take their love and providence for granted. We don`t realize that we have got a roof over heads, protection from all the evils of this world, good food to eat, good clothes to wear , enough sources of entertainment , gadgets, ability to go to school.


But life is not that easy it`s not just a receiving game and conditions are always not on our side, the hard part of all these luxuries is that they are not earned by us, the people who earn it and provide to us today will not there be tomorrow, all these luxuries can be taken away from us some day, and an even heart rendering truth is that millions of people in this world do not even have enough to eat a meal a day , not even to cloth themselves well and neither they have a roof over their heads, we have started taking everything for granted we do not realize the importance of anything in our life all we have learnt is to get complacent about not getting even more, we assume our guardians to be the one with a golden hand , that they have gold mines to feed us forever we do not instill within us that life is numbered our desires grow bigger with completion of every fulfillment .


Have we ever pondered over or just given a single word of thank you for all the things we have with us, do we ever realize that all that we possess makes us richer than millions of BPL sufferers, dying for just a single drop of water each day, do we care for our resources or have we just taken everything for granted, remember our days are numbered and so is everything that we possess in the now. Today is the day look around give a look to everything all around you from your special gift of sight, look to every part of your body how efficiently everything works ,give a thought to the special way your body works and thank the almighty that you were born into completion with every part of yours working as meant for, see the screen you are reaching this in , the desk and chair you use, your clothes your food and everything all around and feel as grateful as you ever be, everything is provided to you the only condition to get more of something is to realize your belongings, to be in the ultimate feeling of gratitude for all your possessions for everything all around you, built within yourself the charismatic attitude of gratitude, which will help you elevate to a different level of your being. Whenever you wake up give a word of thanks for everything you have, be grateful to every being you meet, spread love let your greatness by highlighted by your deeds, let every person you meet say that , he has got a lot of attitude and that  ATTITUDE IS OF GRATITUDE.

All you give is reciprocated back to you, your kindness will be back to you by people who love your attitude and will learn to instill within themselves your charismatic and the unique ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE!


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