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Edward Young stated that- ‘At thirty a man suspects himself a fool, knows it at forty and reforms his plan. At fifty chides his infamous delay, pushes his prudent purpose to resolve. In all the magnanimity of thought resolves, and re-resolves, then dies the same’. His words somewhat provide the importance of self-awareness to its core. Living authentically is a motivating factor in knowing about you. It is a situation where you tend to appraise your own efforts and are able to know the cynosure of confidence and hidden power inside of you.


There are two varieties of world present for you. One is the outside world where things are happening and where there is lot of conflicts and occurrences that are sometimes unrealistic and instantaneous along with being unpredictable. The other world is inside of you who consist of the set of extremely personal experiences which have different meanings and the response that you generate is the result of your imagination and perspective. In the real way, you specifically tend to inhabit the world of inner consciousness and the experiences that transform you from inside are what tend to create a massive and transformational change into your life.

To know the meaning of life and to understand its real implications and how it intends to impact your world is largely based upon your interpretations and choices. With proper insight, your personal transformation is just a matter of time. To see the changes clearly, you need to live life authentically. You need to get free of the worldly chains and begin introspecting events and create meaning for yourself. This also means that you should not come under pressure of anyone else and start consulting your own consciousness. Every matter that is inside your own head should consult you first rather than others.

The experiences that you had and how you are living life at this time is all inside of you. You need to understand that you have a lot more to achieve in your individual lives than you might ever realize. To achieve self-awareness is one of the most important steps in a person’s life. With prior commitment in achieving self-awareness, you got to aid your growth and try to fine tune the sense of which you are and what you can be and need to be so as to survive in the world and create a niche for yourself. Be authentic and be true to yourself. These are the methods through which you might get closer and begin making progress towards self-awareness. Living authentically is the key to your hidden inner power and confidence through which you can attract the entire world towards you.

There are times when you got to help others to know their worth and make them understand how special they are. It is the time when you can lead those who most care about you through a similar difficult and drastic journey of their own. But it is also high-time that you look inside your own soul. For now, you need to get fully committed to your own awareness and development. You need to trust your ability to see it through completely. The main thing to do is to become entirely aware of your own self and it can only be done by being authentic. You need to stop pretending and be the person that you know you are and show to the world and present it in the positive sense so as to make the world know you and love you for what you are.

You might be unprepossessing in your ways or you might have negative thoughts considering the factors that are affecting your life. You might not be happy with the way things are going on in field of your personal and professional life. You might start pretending to be someone else and try to attract people by changing your ways and manners. Changing yourself can have negative as well as positive effects but it depends upon the qualities that you tend to acquire. If you become a heartless person without any sympathy for someone and are hiding your emotions deep inside then it could make you feel vulnerable at times. But in the same context if you are straightforward and work hard towards your profession then it can be a positive quality too. Anger is negative but using anger as a means to stimulate you to work hard is one of the ways through which it can be turned into a positive quality.

If you are true to yourself then you would be working towards improving upon your skills. The confidence inside you would increase with time. It is about giving time to yourself and knowing your inner strength. It is all about understanding what your heart feels and to do things that you love to do. No one in the world can ever make you feel inferior without having your consent. No one has the authority to do so and no one would ever have. Just be yourself and live in an authentic manner…with time you would see that with growing self-awareness, positivity would sink inside of you.

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