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Decorated in a shelf at the corner of a room or kept somewhere forgotten covered by thick layer of dust; books are something that keep a whole universe in it. An assemblage of square piece of papers imprinted with dark colored words is not just an object, it is sheer magic when it is explored. They might be quiet but hold a personality more vibrant than many living human beings. Open a book and you will realize that it can connect you with many epochs. Books are something that speak and express in a silent voice, we just need to understand it and a priceless wisdom is waiting to be taken out from those pages.



“That’s the thing about books. They let you travel without moving your feet.”- Jhumpa Lahiri

The above quote said by the author of “The Namesake” seems really very true. Sometimes Books become the travel agent and takes you on a different place altogether. A place where you need not to walk but you can wander here and there freely. A flight of fantasy that feels so real and fascinating that sometimes we wish to go for it again and again. Sitting on the chair at the porch of your home, mentally you can be somewhere in Calcutta while reading Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay’s “Parineeta” or can have a stroll at IIT campus, if you are engrossed in Chetan Bhagat’s novel. Every book has a place to introduce to you. Every book has its own atmospherics. The choice is ours. Wherever we feel like going, we can pick that one and land into those places just in few minutes. This quote gets reinforced when it is felt by the person himself. Well, I personally experienced it while reading Kalidasa’s “Meghaduta”. One of my best friends is a student of Sanskrit literature and this one is his favorite book so he gifted it to me and insisted me to go through it at least once. I gave it a try and believe me I was totally enthralled by it. It is a lyrical literature by the most prominent poet ‘Kalidasa’. The book had literal Hindi as well as English translation so I didn’t have any problem to comprehend it. It depicts the beautiful scenes of nature, emotions of love. It also mentions the various rivers, mountains and certain places of central and north India. He is undoubtedly the mastermind in literature world. In this piece of writing, he depicts the journey of a cloud, which is a messenger in the story. The cloud travels through various different regions of India and finally reaches its destination, a place somewhere near Nepal, surrounded by Himalaya hills. The best part of this book is that you go with the cloud, you travel with it. Wherever it goes and whatever it sees there, you feel as if you are the part of this journey. Local markets, ancient magnificent buildings, temples, township etc everything gets a real touch and makes you feel as if these are live cities.

Books also have a characteristic of uniqueness. Every book is different from other. We get many varieties in books. Some books motivate us, some books tickle the funny bones, some make us cry and some make us fall in love. Books are like friends, so many in numbers and having their own individualistic properties.

book butterfly


“Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors and the most patient of teachers.”- Charles William Eliot

This line really makes sense. Books are quiet until they are not opened. Read them and try to decode what they want to say to us. They may be quietest but they are our most constant honest friends who even after getting dumped many times by us; love us back with the same unchanged affection when they get opened. They show us the right path when we are in state of confusion. They counsel us and teach us many small and big lessons of life and they don’t leave us until we are perfect at those lessons.

Books have been my friend and guide too since my childhood days and during adolescent period, this friendship blossomed even more. During my high school days, my elder brother used to give me books of swami Vivekananda and many other inspirational people.“you can win“ was my personal favorite as it really inspired me in my board examination to perform well. As I grew up besides these inspirational books, I started to explore my interest for different kind of literature too.

The one feeling that has always been common and most prominent after completion of reading a book is the sense of joy and a feel of connectivity to the characters. A good book is one which compels you to read it again and again. When even after end of the story, characters don’t leave your mind and stays there that means the book has influenced you and this is the sign of a compelling book.

Books are our friends, guide and teachers. They play all these parts very skillfully. Sometimes they even empower us and instill a sense of courage and confidence within us.

“Fairy tales are more than true; not because they tell us that dragons exist but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten.”-Neil Gaiman

Many times when we search for solutions of our problems and when we suddenly find it in books , we feel liberated and realizes that books just don’t show us adventures and hardships but it also show us the way to rise above those hardships and emerge heroic.

Books entertain us, makes us wise and knowledgeable. Books provide us a new outlook towards every aspects of life. It also gives us a chance to introspect and imbibe. Books are friends, teacher and guide too. It is a gift that we can open as many times as we want and every time we open it, it enriches us.

The significance of books can be described by these lines quoted by Arnold Nobel:

“Books to the ceiling,

 Books to the sky,

 My pile of books is a mile high.

 How I love them! How I need them!

 I’ll have a long beard by the time I read them.”                                

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