The Backyard Gardens of Friendship

It is 6am in the morning, the alarm clock is scheduled to ring in the next 15 minutes, waking you up, and help you prepare for the day ahead. “EHH!! EHH!! EHH!!” the alarm goes off, you wake up, walk into the bathroom and finish your routine (brush teeth, shower etc.), you eat or drink your breakfast and then off to work. Reaching the office early and trying to get as much work done as you can, so that the superiors see you as a candidate for a promotion to a team senior; work is finished and you are just about to leave, when they have a project which is not compulsory, but if volunteered then you might impress the board members, in that greed you blow off your friend and take it up. This is the life we all are living today; all we give importance to is work, work and more work; our social or personal lives suffer due to this hunger for a promotion to the next level, leading to the fading importance of friendships.


Work taking over social life

Work taking over social life


Seeing an atmosphere of competition and a wave of opportunities, we become like enthusiastic surfers, turning a blind eye to the scenic beauty of the beach and running off in search of scoring a big wave. We are all part of the crowd that have been lured into different ventures; these are not true to the real essence and importance of being a social animal. A ‘social animal’ is how we define our species, but with the current perspective that we hold and the direction that the seductive but harmful routes (socially) lure you into, have changed that. It seems that now, the ‘social beings’, ever since the industrial revolution, are trying to have a work ethic of a machine, rather than a human; however it is not only because of the fear of losing your livelihood, which does exist, the transition to overcommitting to work is also due to the greed of acquiring a superior post, and reaching closer to the top in the business hierarchy.


With the always changing world; the ever changing attitudes, tastes and minds of people, there will be but a few things that you might recognize by the end of the month. One of the few things that remain a constant in this ‘always changing’ world, are friends; there is a history, a bond and a connection when you talk about the relationship between friends; take that bond for granted, and you might suffer a loss that is deeper than any materialistic loss. There is the need to realise the role that some of the non-commercial part of life; the non-commercial sector in life, refers to the ‘emotional’ and ‘heartfelt’ desires which are fulfilled through the presence of such relationships. Mutually all have some parts which they would like to omit, or not desire; while there are some which are needed, but that is only known by results and not by conscious decision or thought.


Life in conversation has three topics; relationships (social and romantic), academic history and entertainment, and professional information. The focus now has shifted to the latter, while the prior i.e. relationships, have been brushed aside. My personal experience of social relationships, is similar to the rollercoaster experience; I do not mean you would like to throw up at the end, but there are a lot of ups and downs; which in a way I enjoy. On a relating matter, a close friend of mine had informed me 2 weeks prior, to attend a celebration that will be held on a particular date in April. I had not kept in touch with him or enquired about it, since I had piled on a lot of work, quite confidently. After failing to attend function, I was feeling guilty and therefore offered apologies, among various sources of communication; and due to the good natured friend that I am blessed with, I was forgiven. There are so many times when you realise the importance of it only after you lose it, luckily I had some good karma stocked up earlier.


A message from the most popular form of entertainment media (T.V), was conveyed through an episode of a show called ‘Boston Legal’. The sitcom focuses on courtroom drama, as well as the personal lives of the depicting attorneys; an episode that aired about a week ago, had a beautiful quote, which was narrated by the character, ‘Jerry Espenson’, who says, “Friendships are like the backyard gardens of our lives, we mean to tend to them, but always put them off till next week”. Never could you have put it better, the growing industrial attitudes, has made a robot out of everyone. No more will you consider to call up an old buddy, and reminisce; or patiently lend an empathetic ear to a troubled friend, seeking just another understanding soul.


Ralph Waldo Emerson said it true, when he said, “The only way to have a friend, is to be a friend”, and following that advice to share a successful friendship, you will agree to another quote by him, “A friend may well be reckoned as the masterpiece of nature.”

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