Be Brave and Let the Past Go

let go off your past

Pondering over the dilemma tic condition of millions of people all around the world, I feel my pain too small to even give it a second aid, peeping inside those smiling eyes, unaware of the confusions of our modern world, those innocent beings live everyday as is handed to them, no hopes from life, no wishes to be fulfilled, no dreams, no desire, but still a smile alluring our superficial lives. Our life is a blessing but we take almost our entire life to understand it, we all were born for excellence and should at no level settle for mediocracy. We take for granted our growing up, going to school and all the set customs of society as a ritual and follow the herd like a cat and a dog race; we are so much engrossed to match up with the changes around us that we start taking things for granted, living in a well furnished house, eating 3 meals a day ,having a wardrobe, with well furnished dresses, a bed to sleep, books to read, if you possess all this then believe it or not you are richer than approximately 70% population of this world.

We crib for our extra assignment, never finish our pending work, don’t remember from when we are planning to read a book  but never move ahead from the first half, all this is because we have started taking things and our life for granted. We delay everything for just another day which never comes, and have loaded our beings with unnecessary tensions, frustrations and jealousies, We have forgotten to smile and cherish our PRESENT, We are always in frustration with the happenings of our past we cannot change, meanwhile we are spoiling our present and are too much fearful from our future. We plan so much for tomorrow that our present which is our biggest asset at hand is lost and we are so much in anguish with our past that we started hating our very beings.

yesterday today and tomorrow

We should always remember that past is history, Tomorrow is a mystery, We have our present at hand which is the greatest gift we can ever have. Our surroundings are such that we have unknowingly become one among st them, we are struck by ego, hatred, jealousy and the ever soaring competition, we thrive hard to become someone that someone else is today and tomorrow again following someone else; we are running a race from which we just cannot come out; we have become puppets in the hands of the devil some future which fears us to such an extent that we have no option other than to run behind our tomorrows security.

To secure our happiness, future, love, family, health we degrade our today to such an extent that by reaching that tomorrow we are out of energy to enjoy and then again start running for yet another tomorrow.

Sometimes I feel, people living with limited belongings with no desire to become someone of a big NAME, are more fortunate than any one of us , they are out of this race of our society, their children are unaware of the modern gadgets (which leave the market as fast as they arrive,) for their life is amidst nature and mud is their toy; they do not fear their future and are not in rivalry with their past their present is their greatest asset which they enjoy and live fully with cheers of laughter’s of joy!!

live the moment

I really wish that each and every inmate of this world learn to enjoy its present, would be in peace with its past and would work hard to be the person he wishes, but not out of fear but just to spread love and be a being wiser than he is today the competition of this world is just in our world we have no competitor if we work hard and always follow our set rules, “When you shift from a competition to survive into a heartfelt commitment to serve, your life cannot help but explode into success”.

Never forget you cannot change your past  ,learn a lesson and move forth your future is in your own hands you have the power to make or mar it, always be the real you, burdens are just our minds occupants which bridges us away from our dreams!!

happy girlhappy girl

Have faith , this is your life and you have only one chance and only a day at a time to live it and always remember life is lived in the now!!The world is running a blind race and it’s not necessary for us to run behind following them, people press us back to our memories because they do not want us to succeed, Life is meant to be lived in this very moment as time once gone can never come back again ,for instance: can you now get back the time you spend back in school for any amount of money you wish you to give?, can this day ,this very second be back to you on demand, never!!All your worries and unnecessary tensions are taking away from you your most precious jewel your TIME, always remember, “DUST THOU ART, AND DUST RETURNEST WAS NOT SPOKEN OF THE SOUL”, No gains have ever been achieved from worrying !, the sands of time are sinking quickly off your hands and with a fervor intensity as you fist it harder.


Be brave! Let go off all your worries, sorrows and pains, Breath in the air of this moment and leave an eternal mark of your being with every second you pass by!!

be happy

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