Beauty is Skin Deep! Yay or Nay?


Whenever I hear the word beauty one statement that instantly pops up in my mind is that the beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and surely it does. In the language of thesaurus, beauty is defined as any quality that pleases one’s senses or an outstanding example of its own kind. Now this means that beauty can be in anything and is and should never be demarcated only by the outer looks. It has been witnessed quite of lately that most of the times it is only the plastic looks by which people go for whenever they are searching for someone. Not going too far, I am sure all of us have gone through the matrimonial, whether it be for searching brides or grooms, it is always mentioned about the outer looks such as slim, tall, fair etc. in case of girls and tall, handsome etc. in case of boys but it is never mentioned that the person should be kind, generous rather emphasis is more on superficiality.


There has been quite a lot said and discussed about how we have advanced a lot in every domain but this advancement has witnessed an inverse effect on our moral values. We differentiate people on the basis of their outer appearances and always like to be with the ones who are tagged as ‘beautiful’. In today’s era, there is a competition among people for everything and there is competition in this category too as to who looks good. It is a common sight in colleges too, there are a set of people who are considered to be the apple of everybody’s eye and generally these are the ones who stand out among the rest on the basis of their physical appearances. The race for looking the best is so intense that today people even go under the knife to get their facial features redressed.


The celebrities, the models, the actors are the ones whom majority of the people idolizes and today there isn’t a single actor who hasn’t gone under a surgery to uplift their features. So, what is the outcome of all this, the common masses who idolize these actors also follow the same thing. There are no offenses against anybody because it is the personal discretion but still the people who are followed by common people should be extra cautious in whatever they do because their actions have a direct and strong impact on the minds of people like us. I can give you an example whenever we ask somebody about about the kind of person they want to be with most of them would say that would want to be with the ones who look like their favorite stars in physical appearance. It is these kinds of superficiality that has led to the degradation of people’s morals because ultimately we have to live in this society only. It is because we give less importance to the inner beauty and more important to outer appearance that people pay more attention towards enhancing their outer skin and pay less heed to enhancing the quality of their hearts. Today, people find it difficult to give money to a beggar but they can lavishly spend thousands of bucks in their beauty treatment.


Today, our mentality has been molded in such a way that whenever we hear the word beautiful, the picture that comes to our mind would be that of a person with extraordinary physical appearances and never ever will there be a picture of the person who has extraordinary heart. Actually the fault is not our, it is in the values of society in which we are living. Obviously, the people go with the things that are favored and valued the most and naturally we tend to having a longing for those things in us too because everybody wants to be treated as special or considered to be special. At the same time we cannot deny the fact that it is us that are the constituent elements of this society and are equally responsible for the thinking of the people. The great thinker and philosopher Confucius once said,” Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it” and this is the main reason for our concepts today, we are so busy competing in our lives that we do not have time to ponder over the good qualities of the other people and therefore go with only what is visible outside.


We are all the children of god and god has instilled everybody is beautiful in its own way and it needs a special eye to identify and admire that beauty. We should never ever lose a chance of witnessing every kind of beauty in this world because beauty is god’s own handwriting. Further, we have no right of judging anybody on the basis of anything because we are also made of the same clay and everybody has some quality or the other which makes them unique and we should therefore learn to admire the person for that unique quality and even if we cannot admire the person we should not at least put them down.


We should focus more on enhancing our inner beauty and if there is any kind of surgery available for enhancing the morals and inner beauty, I would surly recommend everybody to go through it! Outer beauty is transitory while inner beauty remains with us till our last breath and is also talked about after our death too. Outer beauty may make somebody get attracted towards you but it is your inner beauty that makes a person want to be with you for lifetime. Since, today we like to opt for those investments that give us long term profit then why not invest in uplifting our inner qualities because they are going to be with us for our entire life. Here, I would like to quote very inspiring and very meaningful lines,

“People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in; their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within.”


We should pay more focus on these lines and should go beyond the outer surface while analyzing people around and should not refrain ourselves from reading a book even if its outer cover is not that attractive because it is the inner content that matters the most. So, here I leave you all with a question to ponder about, “Beauty of the skin or beauty of the soul?” which one would you go for??

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