Because Childhood Basks In Innocence

Running, jumping, crying, laughing, fighting, shouting. Who can forget all these memories. These are the unforgettable moments in our childhood which we would always cherish. In the tediousness of the present life,man wants rest. But the competition in the society and the never ending quest for money and thereby the luxury, forces everyone to keep going. The fear of failure suppresses the instinct to take a break. What all of us do think is about our childhood and wish we never grew up.

For a baby, he understands nothing. All he knows is to cry during hunger or for a physical aid and laugh when happy. He learns, in fact a lot. But it is not under any pressure. He learns to wLk and talk at his own pace and does not himself realise it. Next step is attending school but until he reaches a higher class, he need not bother about passing and failing much. It is the matter of making friends. Stopping by the baker’s at any time and indulging into a humongous piece of cake or relish every bite of that cheesy pizza, oblivious of all the health factors and diet issues around it. Wishing for a pack of personal items illustrated with the favourite cartoon. Dying for that one signature from the favourite hero/heroin. Dancing in the rain despite of being warned of catching cold, by elders. Trying every possible work that parents do at home. Fighting with a friend and resolving to never look at him and share an ice cream with him the next day. Standing behind a door, waiting to scare someone Pretending to be fast asleep at night, dreaming and sleeping in classes, the list is pretty endless. This is because we lived everyday of our life to the maximum.

Ageing is inevitable. Every living thing on this earth is created so, to grow. And as we grow, we need to meet the demands around us. Even a short road has elevations and depressions, even speed breakers. Our life is a journey along a long road. How can it be expected to be plain? When we are able to enjoy roller coasters, the general ups and downs should not be paid any heed. Eating and sleeping is essential for living while struggling adds essence to that. These are not hurdles from the blues but clues for a happy life. We should learn to get accustomed to facing them and overcoming them. We can always rejoice over what we left behind but time is irreversible. So better to make the best out of what we have learnt in each stage.

As we have enjoyed to the maximum eating whatever we wished to, let us henceforth eat a healthy diet in order to save visits to the hospital. It is a mere little change from expecting a tree on swallowing a fruit’s seed to thinking rationally. We should open the door wearing a wide smile on our face to welcome the guest. We might have had a difficult time but bringing out the anger on peers is wrong. We learn from our parents in order to carry the positive virtues through the subsequent generations. Being literate does not mean that we attain the privilege of ill treating others or do any bias on financial aspects. Servant or boss, everyone deserves respect. It is just like how one learns to cook from the mother and maintains the hand’s magic. We have to care for more things than just a school bag. Instead of thinking that the moon is following us, we need to become such icons that others will follow us. Almost all of us would have tried the vain attempt of balancing a switch between the on and position. In the later stage, that balance should be brought about skillfully – between work, family, friends and above all, personal life.

In his famous work Pygmalion, George Bernard Shaw has said – ” what is life but a series of inspired follies? The difficulty is to find them to do. Never lose a chance : it doesn’t come everyday.” We learn from our mistakes. In fact, even a kid learns to walk properly only after several falls and bruises. It is hard to have learnt cycling without a fall. So, if one grows in height, he has to bend under a low roof. As we grow, our food intake and other requirements increase. Nature tends to maintain equilibrium everywhere. That is why the responsibilities and works also become proportionate. But no one has been asked to work constantly. Everyone deserves their own time to rest and relax. Even robots need some time for recharging. Psychiatrists say that it is mostly the businessmen at the age of forty and above who visit them. They complain about weariness and a feeling of having wasted the young age. They failed to enjoy owing to the determination to work. What did we bring along when we were born. Or are we privileged to take anything with us after our last breath? Saving all the time, who knows if we would remain alive to enjoy that. This is not a pessimistic view but honestly practical. Indeed saving is necessary, but in moderation. It is just like how we plan for fire exits and keep a fire extinguisher despite our use of highly developed technology and engineering. Yet we neither sit by the exit all the time nor do we hug the extinguisher! Prevention is better than cure. So be cautious. Plan for the future. Work hard for it. Along with them, rest too. Use weekends and other public holidays for your benefit. Practice yoga. Go for a blissful walk. Listen to some nice music. Dive into a favorite book or watch a movie. Spend good time with family and friends. Don’t just swallow food but eat it too.

Insects have a very short lifetime. They too know it. But they do not sit awaiting death. They complete their span by spending their time flying around and collecting food. We are humans – the one species out of all the living things with the most number of senses. Let us us it wisely. Don’t just pass everyday but live it!!!


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