We all have someone whom we love and care for deeply and we never want to let go of the. Whether it is our parents or siblings or friends, they hold a very special place in our heart. But if given a choice, will you sacrifice your happiness for them?

Life presents to us very difficult and complex situations. It isn’t a fairytale and we have to make decisions that affect our lives as well as others’ too. There are many times where we have to make sacrifices in the form of love, money, job, happiness et al for the people we really care about. But how does one decide all of this? And is it okay to let go of your happiness in exchange for theirs?

The biggest example of this kind of love – Mothers. They sacrifice everything and give up their whole life just to take care of us, so that we can grow up to be good human beings. She doesn’t ask for anything in return, and doesn’t question us but readily agrees to whatever we have to say and smiles throughout our journey. She gives up her family to take care of the new one, and puts up with everything, no matter how difficult or horrible it seems. It is difficult to accept such kind of love from other. Unconditional, without any hesitation, and nothing to prove.

Very few of us are lucky to have that kind of a person in our lives for whom we are ready to do anything just so that they can be happy and comfortable. But what if they are not doing the same for you? It is not a one way street, that is for sure. It takes time to trust that person. It is not easy to devote yourself to another person while they are simply doing nothing about it. There are always ways of comprising. One doesn’t have to bow down to one another. It is only through compromise that two people can be happy with each other. Nobody wants to sacrifice their jobs or house just because the love of their life is asking them to give up everything. One needs a reason, one needs to see the future before deciding on such things.  You spend years trying to give everything to that one person, hoping, and waiting for that day when all of it will be over. But haven’’ you realized it yet? It’s never going to be over!


It has become a habit, for you as well as the other person. You try to find your happiness by appreciating the tiniest things that you can find and pretend that everything is okay, everything will be alright. You put your career on hold, take care of the family, and by the time you realize that, half of your life is already over. Are people really worth that? You have one life. One life to live, enjoy, relax, work hard, become successful, have fun – are you really willing to give all of that up just for the sake of one person? Would you not rather discover who you truly are, what you like and dislike and become your own person before letting anyone else take over your life?

It’s great to have someone by your side who can help you see all this. Years go by without you realizing that it is you who has been continuously compromising whereas there is nothing happening from the other side. There should be a friend, someone you can confide in who can see the picture clearly, without being judgmental about it. They are your confidante, someone you trust your life with but for how long can you depend on them? They haven’t been around forever. Only you have been there for yourself. No outsider has seen, felt or gone through what you’ve experienced throughout your life. Every experience had impacted you in ways which only you are aware of.


You need guts to stand up in such a situation where you feel helpless and don’t even want to hurt the person you truly love. But it is about your life. Some things have to be taken care of by yourself only. It’s easy to let others decide your course of action. However, no outsider, no matter how close you are, can take that decision for you.


I know all of this sound too easy. But for how long can you let someone else steer your ship? The ship that you’ve built on your own, whose path you decide? An outsider is making and shaping up your life. It’s high time you took matters in your own hands. You are the sole person who is responsible for what you do and don’t do, whether you become successful or fail at life. If you’re following someone else’s directions then nobody can help you. Your choices belong to you. You are both the master as well as the slave of your own life. It’s time to take control of that ship, and take it to places where YOU want it to go, not anybody else.

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