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A very true statement given by Pubililius Syrus, “If you wish to reach the highest, begin at the lowest”; success is not a one day game, it is not gifted rather it needs to be earned. But some of us want to achieve it in one go which is practically not possible. Until you step at the lowest step of the ladder, reaching at the highest point is not possible. Same is the case in every aspect of life, if you wish to achieve your goal you need to take initiatives from the lowest possible level. There is quite a possibility that you may fail many times while rising towards the topmost level but losing at a lower level is better than falling from the highest point. Being a beginner is never a risky game, rather while you are starting from a base position there are less chances of getting hurt.


Here comes the question of means and ends, only your destination doesn’t hold all importance rather the path you choose to achieve your aim is equally important. The journey that leads you to your aim holds an utmost importance. Sometimes, your position makes you arrogant and your vanity often leads you towards a downfall. And the journey that you cover to reach at that position plays its role. You face a number of troubles and obstacles in the path of achieving your aim and this is the work of those hurdles that make you modest while you are standing at the topmost step of the ladder of your success. No success comes by itself; it is always a long term procedure of a person’s hard work and strong will. Beginning of any project is the most important part in your whole journey and this is where people hesitate. But if you think, the end can never be obtained unless you begin the work.

Every time it is asked to look and take inspiration from those who are successful in their fields but it is often mistaken as people only get engrossed in the success of those people. Their journey to reach is usually side stepped while taking inspiration from them. However, getting inspired by the successful people counts not only on their position and status but also their efforts and hard work done by them. There are so many examples of the self-made persons who never hesitated to begin from the very initial place and indeed they reached to their goals. Some of the very famous examples could be cited like Benjamin Franklin, who rose from being the son of a candle maker and became a legend not only in the history of America but in the world as well. India’s former president, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam made a remarkable progress from being a newspaper man to a man of substance. There are many other examples too who could inspire you in your journey towards your goal.

If you wish to reach the

It is evidently seen and observed that people are more apprehensive of their ends and put aside the path to be chosen. As it is said that there is no shortcut for success, truly, you need to carry out the whole procedure to attain success, right from the basic start. What if there is a huge building in front of you and you desire to reach at its peak but there no ladder or staircase? An end has no meaning without a beginning. Similarly, in the walk of your life making a good start is equally significant as deciding your aim. Not only on a personal level but also on a wide scale, big objectives that are set up in order to make the society better, require a good beginning. The ambition of making this world a utopia demands of an initiative taken by the people. People desire of a society that work on the principles of equality, harmony, peace and so on. But do we actually contribute anything in this direction? No, because we think what if a single person does not practise these virtues; it will not matter. And this is where we make mistake. When every citizen of every country is counted as a part of this world then each action of every person makes difference to every entity of this world. Here also there is an utmost need to begin from the lower most level if you want to see the plans implemented at a higher place.

Every person wishes of success with the same passion but very few of them make it through the goal. The explanation lies in the agendas and attitude of the people towards the path through which the goal is to be achieved. Keeping high aspirations is never an issue but those wishes should be fulfilled through a basic start. A person should not fear in taking up the initiatives thinking that they are of no use; rather the beginning needs an extra care and attention so as to make the target seem more likely to be achieved. Shortcuts last for a short period of time whereas those aims kept with a mind-set of a planned beginning and proceedings come out with favourable results.

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