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Is true love really hard to find? If it were the case this world would have come to an end years ago. But no, we are very much alive and kicking. But of course there are different versions of love. For some heroic, fairy tale kind of love is real love and for some other practical adjustments and understanding makes the bond. As a matter of fact love is all around us waiting to be recognized. It does not have to be the love of only someone special to make you believe so. Love is the very foundation of humanity and human bonding. It all starts with our birth, our parents love us, our siblings love us, and it even includes friends and close people around us. But we are blinded by a fake persona created by Bollywood’s masala moves were your true love can only be your boyfriend/girlfriend.  Such ignorance!


Love for Gen-X

I understand to have that special someone in life is so exciting but that doesn’t mean you need to rush your way to find it. TRUST is the basic necessarily as well as the foundation of any relationship.  Today’s generation has set another trend, the boyfriend/girlfriend class or you are an out-caste. Really? It’s no more about bonding, accepting or even trusting, it has become like an accessory which you need to wear to show your status. And these kids talk about true love, common!  Grow up guys; you are living in a cocoon you have to emerge out to find the colors in your life. What you are living is just a fragment of your imagination or a dream of which when you will wake the world will seem a bitter place to live in. There is much more to love than dating, shopping or heartbreaks.

Still there are exceptions, there are people who really find there soul mates and just like fairy-tales they live happily ever after.  These are those people who never classified there love on the basis of looks, wealth or external parameters. They only felt connections with each other’s soul.  Such people either find each other by will or their parents arrange it in marriage. What, don’t laugh, even arrange marriage can turn into a beautiful bond of love. You just need to have the confidence and trust in each other as well as on destiny that bought you together.  Love not always comes your way like a prince charming; your prince charming can be dressed in a wedding dress as well. There are in-numerous examples of people living around us, who fell in love with each other after getting married. OK, don’t think I am advocating arrange marriage, as a matter of fact I am just telling you that love can come your way in any form.  Some friends fell in love with each other so deeply that their relationship grows stronger with each passing day. You love can be your neighbor, colleague or just a random person whom you would have crossed a number of times without even noticing.

Wait, Love’s on its way

love's on way

Love does has a name, place and timing to come in your life, but if you will go rushing and looking for it, it will be hard to find. Love is written in everyone’s destiny, it’s only a matter of time when it enters your life.  Patience is one thing love requires the most. Your search for a soul mate will only end when you are content. Being demanding and judging will only make your way tough. Trust that whatever God has written in your destiny, with time you will get it. Your mindset of having everything you want is not right, relationship is not just about you. Honesty and loyalty is the seed of the plant of love. Believe in each other and cherish every second of togetherness.  Love is a very sacred feeling not known by all. It is like a blessing that comes you way and your life changes and trust me all these changes are for good. A simple home with a simple living can give you the comfort  that even a five star hotel will fail to provide, when you are simply resting your head on your lovers lap.

finding your soulmate

There are examples of people who fell in love with each other and by dwelling in each other’s heart have found another world to live in, a world of dreams, of happiness, mirth and laughter. A world where sorrows have no trail and sadness never wins the quest. Such is the world of true lovers who dwell in each other in so much as their souls are connected. You hurt one, the other feels it too. There promises are for real and even God blesses them too. Their lives are simple yet they live like King and Queen. Their pockets might not be huge but their willingness to give each other everything is immense.  Such people are normal like you and me they are not specially made, it’s only that they choose a wise loving and caring heart over all the riches in the world makes them different. But this does not mean they are poor, they are wealthier than the wealthiest man on earth.  Their prayers are so deep that when they say their love is forever, it really is forever.

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