Believe you Can and you’re Halfway there.


What is self-confidence? It just means to have faith in your own abilities and actions. It is a very simple term to understand which is made complex by most of us. Elaborating the meaning of this term in the words of Dr. Seuss we can say that self-confidence is simply being who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind. People generally have a fear of speaking out their thoughts in front of everyone. This is because of the hesitation that one feels thinking about what opinion others will form about you. But just think does that really matter? What society thinks should have nothing to do with you as people are always in want of occasions to drag others down who are trying to advance in life. Self-confidence is the first step in the ladder of your success. At every point in life even if you are not clear in your vision, you should be confident with whatever you think. Judging you right, matters more than the judgement of others. If you yourself step back with your ideas with low self-esteem others would never help you to be successful.


It is true that counselling others is far easier than actually facing the problem of low self-confidence but unless you rectify this flaw of your personality, achieving your aim becomes very difficult. Actually, low self-confidence in its later stage becomes a flaw of your personality. No one is born perfect in this world; everyone is suffering from one or the other problem in life. So, even if you speak something wrong in public, you should not feel offended. Sometimes, because of your good confidence certain mistakes remain unnoticed by people. Self-confidence is very important when it comes to facing an interview. There are a number of sharp brains that clear so many written tests but due to lack of confidence lag behind in interviews. Therefore, possession of confidence is a very elementary aspect needed in one’s personality. But, at the same time confidence and over-confidence should not be mistaken with each other. Building a good self-confidence where gives a positive impression on the other person while keeping an attitude of over-confidence can make you suffer at many places. Flaunting and showing off your possessions at once catch hold of people and create a very negative impact on the person you are talking to.


Now you must be thinking how can self-confidence win over talent in the achievement of your aim? The answer for this is that self-confidence is the driving force toward the completion of your goal. When you possess the confidence of taking the first step towards your aim then only its completion could be thought of. Whereas in the absence of this very driving force achievement of what you think becomes next to impossible. A person should trust his own ideas and thoughts so that the path to the aim is not abandoned halfway because of the doubts on one’s own capabilities. Confidence leads to success, with it you can emerge even stronger than you actually are. Trials and turbulences might often come in your way while you are trying to achieve your goal but fearing from them has never been a good option. A person should accept all the challenges that come in the way to his/her success and this only possible with your inner strength and confidence. It is always asked to be optimistic and it can come only when you have enough faith in your abilities. What if the whole world turns against you? What if everyone doubts your success? It is your self-confidence that could bring you all the success and victory of this world despite uneven and harsh conditions. Just like a person’s conscience leads his/her way and directs towards success, in the same way self-confidence becomes the directing push towards your success.An obvious question that could appear in your mind is how to build self-confidence? Building self-confidence is not a one day process but it doesn’t take that long also. You just need to let go off the hesitation to speak out your thoughts at first. Eventually practising this again and again will boost up your confidence and the hesitation will be gone forever. Many people suffer from the inability to say ‘no’. This is again a very common example of under-confidence. Saying ‘no’ to someone on something you do not want to do is not an easy task for some as they are always apprehensive of others’ views formed about them. But one should make a habit of standing by one’s notions disregarding of what others will think. Standing by your opinions acts as a very strong driving force to build your self-confidence. Nobody learns the quality of self-confidence from mother’s womb; it is cultivated by the environment you are in. Therefore, it becomes important to create a good company of people around you who can help you in giving that atmosphere through which you can nourish your personality with the booster of self-confidence. Henceforth, we can undoubtedly say that self-confidence plays a major role in leading a person to the top most ladder of success.

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