Do You Believe?

When a cynic is compelled to trust . . . It’s a Miracle. When a believer is forced to suspect . . . It’s a tragedy. The choice ought to be simple . . . a miracle or a tragedy.

Life is amazing, isn’t it? It’s bloody awesome, I’d say. I am sure there are those who’d disagree with me, quite forcefully. They are the ones who’ve received the short stick in life, who’ve fallen on hard times, who’ve witnessed life’s atrociousness, or know of it . . . they are, it can be said, the cynics.

When I say life is amazing I am not saying it’s easy. Hell, if it were easy it wouldn’t be amazing. You’d presume I am unacquainted with the dark side of life, hence my asinine statements. I’d like to disabuse you of the notion. Though I’ve never been a victim of the dark, it will be wrong to say I am ignorant of it.

It is because I know of the adversities, albeit not first hand, that I’ve chosen human rights and social activism as my line of work. It breaks my heart every time I see someone suffering, or hear or read the same. So, don’t say I am being naïve when I say life is amazing. I believe in life, I believe in the goodness of it, in its generosity and resilience.

Life is unfair, the scale of balances always tipped in favor of the privileged lot. Agreed! I am sure you’d agree, too. Despite of knowing this, do we make an effort to even the scales somewhat? We, the relatively well off lot! We complain, we debate, we know, but do we do our bit? No, we don’t.

Recently a distant cousin of mine got married. Legally, he is not of age yet, at seventeen. His bride is younger still. It infuriated me when I heard of the marriage. Believe me, I was a hair’s breadth away from calling the social services and telling them of the same. I even thought of approaching The Tribune, their office being ten minutes drive from my place. Did I do what I wanted to? No! It shames me to say that what I did was sit and watch as something wrong happened. Why? Because my mother forbid me from doing anything . . . after all, what others do with their lives is their business and not mine (Sadly, that’s how most people think. Does it concern me? Nah! Why bother?. Of course it bothers you, it bothers your conscience. Some people have just gotten used to not listening to their inner voice. I am not saying they do it on purpose, though. Perhaps they don’t realise the enormity of their supposed indifference.) So, yeah, I didn’t do my bit, whatever the reasons they don’t count. Perhaps it wouldn’t have mattered either way. Perhaps I’d just have wasted my time. I’ll never know. But I have to believe I could have done something, because believing is the first step to progress.

It’s a shaky ground we have to cross when we want to make a difference. The path to a better tomorrow is rough and relatively untraded. We’ll fumble and we’ll fall, but in the end, we’ll make it to the other side. That’s my belief.

You want to make a difference? You can and if you believe, you will. It’s not a blind leap that you ought to take, but small steps, at least at first. The first step is to believe, the second will come to you naturally.


Are you attuned to your surroundings? If not, please make an effort to be. It’s not difficult, really. It’s just a matter of sensitivity. In our day to day lives every moment life gives us a chance to do our bit. It’s we who miss it. You’re travelling by public transport, you see an old man without a seat, give him yours. That’s a step. That’s an effort and damned if it won’t make you feel good.

I figure not everyone can be empathic, but you can be sympathetic, you can be kind and compassionate. Doesn’t take much, my friend! A nice gesture a day and it needn’t be grand. Let it be simple and that’s it.

You see a wrong happening, don’t be a bystander. Raise your voice.

If we believe, miracles happen. Period. Nothing is out of reach, nothing impossible. There’ll be times your faith will shake, you’ll say this is it, I quit. I’ve been through that phase. I was disappointed with life, burdened under my guilt and blinded-sided by my hurt. I was going to give up, but something amazing happened. I saw a firefly.

What’s the big deal about seeing a firefly? I’ll tell you. It’s no big deal. We see fireflies all the time. Nothing extra-ordinary in that! But that’s the surface. You got to scratch and dig deep, change your vision, to see the real deal. A firefly has light inside her, so do we. The dark outside should never overwhelm the light inside. That was my take. A firefly and a random thought, and I knew I wasn’t giving up.

That day, for me, it was a firefly—my symbol of eternal hope, light and love. It can be anything, different for everyone. It may be person, or something someone, or something you saw. Thing is, we’re surrounded by signs and it’s up to us how we interpret them. We see, but do we look? We here, but do we listen? You’d say that’s but a matter of semantics. I’d say that’s but a matter of perspectives.


Bad things happen. Some give in, others give up. While the believers fight back. And guess what, they might suffer loss, but in the end, it’s winners they are.

I believe. Do you?


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