What Best Friends Are Worth

Good friendship is something every person on this planet dies for. To be a good friend, you must have a good friend too. Do not think even twice to help your best friends. I remember my best friend from school who has always been my biggest support (still is). Though I have known her for only the past 3 years, it is like we have known each other forever. And it clicked from the very first day that we met. When you actually find a true friend, you do not need time to apprehend that fact. That is when you realize what true friendship can be like. You can be yourself and not be worried about being judged.

There are always tough times in a friendship, but those are just testing periods. You have to work together and get over those petty issues. Give time and importance to people who are special for you. NEVER EVER take them for granted! Never get your ego in between. At the back of your mind, you know you will always have them for life. But always have your priorities straight. People who care for you, should be the ones on the top of you priority list.

Celebrate small occasions. Just find reasons to be happy together. Pamper your best friend. Let them know, how much they mean to you. At the end of the day, you know the world is very mean and there are very few people who genuinely care for you. Who can never give you the wrong advice, who can never think anything bad for you, who will never be jealous of you and will always be happy for all the success in your life. Well, I know as you are reading this, there is a certain person in your mind. Well, even I have the picture of my best friend in mind as I am writing this piece. We have had the best time of our lives in a very limited time. With exams and events and all kinds of crap always lingering in our lives, it is difficult to find time for some fun. But with the right people, you don’t need a way to have fun. You can just sit together, not talk, close your eyes, be in peace and still have fun.


At one point of time, you become a family. You share everything with each other: books, clothes, food and the most important of all SECRETS! You can trust your best friend and assure them that you can be trusted with the same. You have somebody to listen to you at all points of times. There come times where you cannot discuss situations with you family and elders. At that point of time, you have somebody to listen to you. And advise you with solutions for the problems. When you are low, high, in trouble or have lots of time to pass, you know what number to dial. And trust me, even in this generation of technology and cell phones, you somehow tend to remember your best friend’s number. I can actually dial my best friend’s number (on my landline) without even looking at the number pad and just listening to the tone of the numbers on the number pad. Yes! It is not even funny!

Well, now we do not even stay in the same cities (states for that matter). I still remember the time when I was leaving the city to join my university. I was all busy packing and keeping all my important documents. It was almost 11 in the night and we both were whatsapping and talking. Suddenly she was like, “I don’t know when we will meet next. I am coming right away!” Before I even said anything, she was right there at my place. We did not talk that night. Not a bit. She came with her parents, entered my room. She stared my ‘Red Wall’ that both of us had painted together. She then went and put her hand on her handprint on the other side of my wall. I only noticed her. But when she had to leave, we hugged and wished each other luck. Smiled! Hugged again. And tears blasted out of our eyes. We were scared of separation, in spite of knowing the fact that nothing in the world can break our friendship. All friends have insecurities. There is no escape from that. People move on and meet new people and make new friends. But your school best friend will be your friend for life.


Now, with developing technology and social media platforms, it is very easy to be connected to your old friends. This enables you to be in touch with not just your best friend but with all other colleagues. Well, everyone is close to their best friends. But do not forget to give them their space. Do not poke your nose in every matter. Give space and expect the same. Whenever the other person feels the need to approach, they will. Have other friends too.

Maintaining your old friendship is another level of ordeal. Like my best friend and I whatsapp everyday and keep each other updated with things happening in our respective lives. Send pictures, Voice notes, make your friend feel special to be blessed with you as their best friend.

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