My Best Man: My Dad

The greatest gift that I ever got, came from God and I call him DAD. Seriously, nothing in this world can ever replace the love of your father for you. Mother’s love is something that has received much appreciation and ‘publicity’ since ages. But fathers have unfortunately remained in the background. They have been stereotyped as strict, uncompassionate and short tempered. They are men who are always ready to hit their children for every petty mistake. They are men who are too scary to talk to and thus get all the information about their child’s wishes through the mother. It’s time now for a paradigm shift.


Pocket money over? Run to your father. Want a new cellphone? Run to your father. Mother is not agreeing to let you go for a party? Convince your father? Mother is damn angry at you? Hide behind your father. There can never be a man in your life more caring, more understanding and more generous than your father. Even if my father doesn’t have a penny in his pocket, he will leave no stone unturned to buy me my favourite dress. That’s who a father is. When my mother is not at home, my father brings me all the food and irons my uniform. That’s who a father is. When I am feeling low and not able to study for my exams, my father comes and explains me the maths problems and boosts up my spirit. That’s who a father is.

My Hero

Many people are of the opinion that father’s can never mothers. No matter how much a father does for you, he can never replace the love you get from your mother. But this is not the case. Fathers can love you more than your mother. But the thing is that the society wants them to be committed first and foremost to their work. Bosses may think that it’s great that the man has a loving family but he would never allow him to place his children and mother above the work. No wonder fathers go back home late from work, often when their children are asleep. Often in magazines and newspapers, we see reports about fathers abusing their children and reports about mother working selflessly for her kids. Thus the society also makes the men believe that their love can never be compared to a mother’s love and thus is not important. But if you want to know the real picture, go and talk to that unfortunate child who lost his father. Look at the gloom in his eyes, the sadness of having no guiding figure in life, the grief of losing the best friend, the pain of what is feels to not have a ‘father’.

My Father, My Guide

What is a father’s love really like? Even when a father expresses tenderness and consistent parenting, it is described in ‘mothering’ terms. Yes, we know that fathers don’t have to bear the pain while delivering a child, we agree that fathers are not capable of breast feeding their baby, but fathers do have arms to protect you from all evil, fathers do have future-oriented brains to think about your career and fathers do have laps where you can put your head, forget all the tensions and sleep peacefully. We assume that fathers don’t cry, but the fact is that they are far more sensitive than mothers. Mothers are more chilled out personalities and don’t freak out easily, but your father comes to know that your car got stuck in a jam, they would not be able to breathe in peace till the time you don’t reach home. Though they would never show, yet they would cry the most when their child goes abroad for higher studies. Fathers and daughters have a special relationship. A girl is more close to her father than she is to her mother. He is the hero of her life, her prince charming, her role model. Even if her father is not the richest man in the world, still her father’s life journey is the most inspirational story for her. Fathers, at the same time have unconditional love for their daughters. For them, she is most beautiful girl in the world, the most responsible child and a person for whom they can even give up their lives. The best testimony of a father’s love is the time when their daughter is getting married. All those who criticize fathers for not having emotions get proven wrong that day! No offence to the boys, fathers also love their boys deeply. For the boys, fathers are their first and the all time best friends, the best person to take relationship advices from and the best person to talk about jobs and career. They are the ones who fill up their sons’ pockets, bring them all the latest gadgets and games and save them from furious mothers.Fathers will be fathers. No one ever in this world would be ashamed to say, “I am not ashamed to say that no man I ever met was my father’s equal, and I never loved any other man as much.”

My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person, he believed in me.” ~ Jim Valvano

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