Best Revenge : Do good. Be good.

Have you ever felt the unbearable urge to get back at someone because they keep pulling you down no matter how well you do? Or, is there someone, who irritates you incessantly without even giving you a break? This someone could be your colleague, batch mate, your neighbor or a relative or anybody! Well, am sure you are dying inside with all your patience and tolerance drained out after going through all these unbearable mental pressure and humiliation. The more you think about it the more you would get frustrated. Well, you are not alone. Everybody in this world comes across such people in their life in some way or their other everyday.

People might suggest you to confront them and ask them why they do this to you. Well, you can not do anything about this by talking because trying to solve the problem by discussing with such people is impossible and will always be futile. They just can not bear your existence, how do you expect them to listen to you in the first place! So what can you do about this? How long can you take it? If you plan to stop them and stand up against them, what would you do? Yes, revenge. But reacting negatively to negative acts is very easy. But how far do you think will this solve a problem?


Despite everything, I believe that people are really good at heart. – Anne Frank

During my high school, there was this girl who always bullied everybody and I was her most favorite victim especially when it comes to embarrassing me in public and pulling me down just to push herself up in the social circle. It took me two years to gain the courage to act against her. I wanted to take the opposite road. Since hers was to pull me down; mine was to help her out. When she lost her class notes, I offered her mine before the exams. When her cycle tires were flat after a sunny day, I gave her a lift on my bicycle. Though she hated me and her pride was killing her, she had no choice but take my help as the entire class hated her and there was no one else on her side. Slowly we saw her change and become the friendliest person in the whole school. She was not an embodiment of evil indeed, she too had a soft and good heart which was shielded by those hard and thorny thoughts and deeds. The moment she lost it, we realized she was not all bad!

The punishment that she went through was her own guilty conscience, her killing pride and the entire ego that she had built up being crumbled and burnt to ashes only to open up a new positive world for her. So, now what did I get from this? Sheer happiness and relief from all the bullying and also a very good friend. Not only did it help me save myself but also helped everyone else including the girl from destroying herself by her own evil acts.


Every man is guilty of all the good he did not do. – Voltaire.

It would have taken just few minutes for me to say “Oh, poor you, lost your notes? Ha! Suffer you wicked witch” and go happily past her without even giving a second thought. But reacting negatively to such a person would only bring the doom over oneself. It would only be like adding oil to the fire. Leave the reaction from them, what about the reaction on ourselves due to such acts? What is the difference between us and them? In fact, following such negative actions against negative people would automatically turn us into evil beings! It won’t make you feel good about yourself. You may be happy that you took revenge but there will always be a spot in your heart that will always remain dissatisfied and hurt. Your own guilty conscience would kill you for being so mean.


When I do good, I feel good. When I do bad, I feel bad. That’s my religion. – Abraham Lincoln.

This is not only for children, but for everybody. If your boss yells at you for no reason all the time, just wait for your opportunity to get back at him. Yes, wait until you get a chance to do good and be good and pressurize him with all your good heart filled with kindness and grace and guess what? He would rather die than confront you again ;-) The whole world is going crazy with revenge. There is war and terrorism everywhere. There is always fear in everybody’s heart. The only solution is to forgive and take the road to peace. This has to be instilled in each and everyone’s mind. You can not make a difference over a large population if you can not do it within your own circle. The moment you stop caring about others’ dirty acts and start doing and being good no matter who they are; all your problems will be solved automatically because you are doing yourself as well as the society a favor and the world at large.

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