Because you are your Better Half

That feeling when you see a couple walking on the footpath holding hands. That feeling when you see YouTube proposal videos that almost make you tear up and frustrated at the same time. The feeling when you have to ring up multiple friends to see if they can enter with you because you have a couple entry pass. All these pretty much sums up the feelings a single individual goes through at times if not constantly. If you feel that you are the personification phrase “Forever Alone”, never mind because there are probably millions out there who feel like you

People often associate the warm fuzzy feeling of falling in love with true happiness. Agreed that it’s a pretty darn amazing feeling but not having a special someone is not really the end of the world. Probably it’s not your time or you haven’t met the right person. And guess what? That’s completely okay. You’d rather be alone than put in all your time and efforts in something that exists just for the sake of it.


Focus on showering love on an extremely important person in your life – you. Learn something new, work on your health, read and do whatever you have been wanting to do but put off since a long time. In fact, think of how you are relieved from the things that tie you down in a relationship, the time that you would have to spend with the other half and the various commitments you would have to make. You’re the boss of yourself and there is nothing that’s going to hold you back. Think of what you were unable to do the last time you were in a relationship and utilize this time to do the same. Stop procrastinating and get yourself to do these various things.



Instead of complaining about not having anyone, value the important people around who love you. Spend time with your parents, go out with your friends and make new ones. Apart from the bunch of friends, you need to have one friend who you love being around and who you can always rely on .Stop trying to limit love from one direction and absorb it from all sides. Try to make them happy and you’ll see that this leads to your own happiness.


Also, you need to stop believing in the rosy perfect relationships portrayed in movie where the man has endless surprises for the woman. Unfortunately, this is not practical and is not what happens in real life. A relationship is not the solution to all problems in life. In the end, you’re still going to have to face and tackle all your problems by yourself. All your movies, soaps and other fictional shows do not reflect the real problems and issues that a couple faces.

Be on the spur all the time and keep your life on the move. It’s only when you’re idle and bored that you mull over things like how your life would be better if you had someone. Never blame or question yourself for not having someone. You being single might lead you to think you have certain flaws that repel the opposite sex away. Banish such thoughts because there will be a time when you meet someone who will accept you for who you are. Till then, go on with the other things in life. Don’t “wait” and long for this person because that will just reinforce that there is something missing. Let it happen when it needs to happen.

Moreover, the fact that you long for someone so badly shows that you aren’t extremely happy with yourself. Get in touch with the real you and love that person in entirety. Beware levels of self obsession and blindness to everyone else but do give yourself high levels of importance.  Love yourself and you’ll be in a better position to handle relationships later in life.


Remember that you are solely responsible for the frame of mind that you are in. If you continue to believe that being alone makes you feel sad or depressed, then that’s exactly what’s going to weigh you down. Try keeping away from people who make you feel worse about yourself and instead find other people who can relate to your situation. Venting out your frustrations to someone who can understand will help you avoid these feelings interfering with your other daily chores.

Surprisingly, you should know that even your home makes a big difference. Make sure that you live in a relaxing calm and pleasant atmosphere to ensure a similar state of mind. A cluttered and unpleasant surrounding has negative effects on the mind which later even affects your mood and feelings. Psychologists even  say that you can say how a person in by looking at his room.

On a lighter note, you should know that chocolate helps in the release of hormones that affects the part of the brain called as “amygdala” which controls various feelings like attraction, sexual desires etc. So there you go women, gorge on all the chocolate you can because those feelings are replaceable.

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