You are Better Off than Many

Life and miseries go hand in hand. Difficulties, adversities and grief, these are not just a part of life but at times the situations you are going through can make you believe that your life is a string of misfortunes only, in which sunny days and happiness come seldom. But is that true? You lost a sports competition or your girlfriend ditched you one Valentine’s eve. (Ouch!) Does that make you the unluckiest person on this planet? Or you cannot buy the latest I phone, so are you the poorest of all? Definitely not.

you are better off than many 2

No matter what life throws at us or how deep is the pit we are currently in, we are still better off than many. Not being able to buy an I phone might sadden you but is that worse than somebody who is not able to buy a decent meal and is forced to go to sleep empty stomach every night? You sincerely loved your girlfriend and she ditched you, that surely must have had your heart broken but is your pain larger than a guy who lost his mother to illness? It cannot be and it shouldn’t be.

“I cried because I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet”

~Helen Keller

This is one beautiful line quoted by Helen Keller which reminds you that your problem can never be big enough to be the biggest problem in the world. You sure can stick to your miseries and feel bad about them but looking at a larger picture can be an alternative solution and trust me, it is also a better one. When you come out from your own little bubble of sadness and look around yourself you realize that how much better and how fortunate you are from rest of the people on this planet. Appreciating what life has given you and being thankful for it, is what we should all focus on and try doing.

being thankful

This makes me want to mention another inspirational quote which you must have heard of or read before. It says “If you have food in your fridge, clothes on your back, a roof over your head and a place to sleep you are richer than 75% of the world.”  Indeed. While you make a disgusting face at the veggies your mom has cooked for dinner, there are millions of people who beg to get a piece of bread. When you fight your sibling to get the bigger room in house there are families who spend their nights on footpaths. When you demand for all branded clothes and your parents refuse to get them, there are millions who barely cover themselves up during a winter night. Cribbing for what you don’t have is easy but realizing the worth of what you do have isn’t that simple for many of us.

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While studying for exams most of us get pissed off and start cribbing about why we have to study so much and life would have been so much better if there were no studies and no exams. Even I do that very often. But take a look at somebody who never got a chance to hold a book in his hands and doesn’t even know how to write his own name on a paper. Think of the 867 million people who spend a life of illiteracy. Does their life seem to be easier or pleasurable than yours? Nah! If you are sitting in front of a computer screen and are able to read this article then trust me YOU ARE LUCKY.

Looking at others and thinking how easy they have got in life and wishing having a life like theirs is what most of us do often. But what we forget is that just by looking at someone’s fortunes and assets cannot give you a true insight about their actual life. What you look at and be jealous of might not be the entire truth. You never know what personal troubles that person might be going through which you are unaware of. And no one has it easy in life. Each person goes through their share of flukes and hardships. Some have it more some have it less but such is life diaries.

you are better off than many

So life does get off balance sometimes, situations do become unpleasant and there are a million things which can hurt you. You might not get everything you want but you do get things you deserve and work for. There are days which have great potential to enlighten you and keep you enchanted while there are also days which knock you down and force you to give up. And during such a day, you can keep moaning and crying over how you don’t deserve the pain you are going through or the times you are facing. But life isn’t fair and it’s not meant to be. But you are meant to live, not just survive but truly live. To rise against all odds and defeat anything that comes your way and tries to break you down. Because believe it or not, you ARE better off than many.

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