Be a Better Soul, Learn to Forgive

Forgiveness is a gift that not only comforts others but heals our own heart and mind. It is letting go of our grudges against someone who hurt us and posed difficulty in our life. Forgiveness is a gift of wisdom since the moment you forgive, it frees you from all the negative energies that you had for the culprit. There is no other feeling than that happiness which you get after forgiving. Until you forgive, you can never forget about the pain of the wounds some people gave you. But thinking about revenge is like destroying yourself in the fire of someone else’s deeds.


Forgiveness acts like a bandage to our spiritual wounds that need healing and no further suffering. It has a great power that can change other’s personality, influence minds and heals souls. You can never redo any event in your life but can try to erase those events from your life that has caused you pain and broke you from inside. When you learn to forgive, you tend to forget those events and your pain also becomes diminished. But you should never forget what they made you learn by hurting you.  Mahatma Gandhi said-“The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong”. So we should make ourselves so strong that our mind can convince us to forgive and move forward otherwise we’ll remain stuck by our wounds.


1. Forgiveness is a Gift


Forgiveness is a precious gift that you not only give to others but also to yourself so that it takes away the pain from your heart and makes you happy. Sometime letting go of our resentments is beneficial for our own health and future.

2. Regaining Peace of Mind


When we forgive, the anger, bitterness and grief we had regarding a person’s inappropriate behaviour towards us, fades away from our life and we start regaining the peace of mind and realize that forgiving is a better option. Rather than filling our heart and mind with our resentments and bitterness, we should try to make space for the good things in our life.

3. Live Life in Full Spirits


Why should someone else’s behaviour and activities control our living and thinking. Never give so much importance to those negative aspects of life to hamper your own tranquility. Life is a onetime journey so we better forgive and continue our journey in full spirits and enjoy each and every moment of it.

4. Stop making yourself a Victim


Thinking ourselves as a victim whose life got poisoned by difficult people and situations is not the real reason behind our pains. We get hurt when we give the right of controlling our life to others. Instead never make yourself feel that anyone has the power to have any bad affect on your life. Forgiving is the sign of a strong mind, so don’t feel sorry for yourself.

5. Move forward in Life


Unless you forgive yourself and others for some taking some wrong decisions in your life, you can never move forward in your life because the pain, bitterness and regrets will hold you back and never allow you to release yourself from its bondage. So allow you to take a new path and move forward by forgiving everyone left behind.

6. Empowerment and Purification of Soul

Today My Soul is Cleansed of Hurt and Bitterness

Forgiveness is not for others only; it is our way of cleansing our soul and mind from the bitterness and resentments we hold in our heart against others. It empowers us by letting go of our grudges and living a life full of new opportunities and accomplishments.

7. Self-Healing


Self-healing is taking care of our wounded heart and doing things that can heal its pain. This way we can overcome our grievous incidents and forgiving lends a helping hand in doing do. When we start forgiving, our process of self-healing begins.

8. Learning to take Personal Responsibility to be Happy


It is our primary responsibility to keep ourselves happy and cheerful all our life. Forgiving is one of the most important act of making our life a living joy. When we free ourselves from the bitterness and grudges, we fulfil our personal responsibility to live a happy and contended life.

9. Learning to keep Low Expectations


We sometimes get hurt when some people don’t live up to our expectations and behave in a manner that seems to be unacceptable to us. At such times, it becomes very difficult to forget those moments. So it is very important that we keep our expectations low so that we are able to forgive in future.

10. It makes us Mature and Strong


Forgiving shows the strength of our mind. So when we forgive, we behave maturely by letting go of things that hurt us and never let us grow. This act of maturity increases our mental strength and makes us strong to face our life with confidence and integrity.

Forgiveness is the best revenge one can take from the one who gave us pain and difficult situations in our life. Learn to forgive so that you can bury your pain in the grave of the past and move towards a path that takes us to a destination of our choice and dreams. Louis B. Smedes said –“You will know that forgiveness has begun when you recall those who hurt you and feel the power to wish them well”.

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