Beyond Sex And Drugs: The Voice of Youth


A human life goes through many stages, starting with birth, to adolescence and old age and then death. In the span of these stages, we have experiences that make life what it is. The experiences include everything from household chores to employment; travelling to the market to travelling to exotic destinations. Every experience we live through, means something personal to everyone, there are a few which cause harm to us and some which benefit us both in mental & physically as well as spiritually.

History is comprised of the past events which are recorded for future references. It is no way irrelevant because, the past events are the reason for the current state of things. The choices we make have consequences, which create our future. History has occurred due to the contradictory choices against what the society accepts, which in turn leads to the struggle between the authorities and its people. The objective of a society is to build and safeguard the interest of all the people that reside in it, however there have been some cases in which they have overstepped the bounds to which is fair for all. The subject of sex and drugs lies very near to oppressive nature of society.

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All the experiences that one has to face in his life includes one of education, at a time when the mind is young and can take the knowledge with a fresher perspective. The learning years or the time we spend in schools, high schools and colleges, are times when they are very impressionable like the youth normally are in their adolescence on the verge of understanding adulthood. It is no secret to the college life and the college crowd openly discuss the matters of sex and drugs, they have a fresh and unbiased opinion of these things. The unexperienced and curious minds wander into these forbidden worlds. There is a certain freedom that you experience among that energy that the colleges have, with open minds, interesting and uncensored discussions and no awkwardness in voicing opinions on these topics.

Similar to the negative notions and misconceptions that people have towards the mentality of the youth, is the same they hold towards college life. There is something that everyone overlooks i.e. the youth however they might be are the future, all the changes in the past, all the revolutions, the protests and the support that has been accumulated has been by this crowd. Judgement is a part of our nature and obviously such a controversial topic like college life, their lifestyle, their liberal and open thoughts are something that we cannot stop talking about. The sacredness that they share while these things occur in the sanctity of their dorm rooms can be understood only with an open mind.


Just like the 1960’s a decade which brought us the ‘Hippie Era’, with ‘Flower Power’ surrounding the world, and the whole world being a stage for a pacifist movement led by the musicians who set examples of peaceful actions and loving one and all. The most famous rock band of all time from Liverpool, ‘The Beatles’ led the people with their music pleading love and peace had raised a revolution, uniting everyone to speak against violence everywhere. Even then those ways were not welcomed, however there was the voice of the youth which couldn’t be held down. The same passion and the change that the younger crowd screams is ignored and rather a punished for their sexual expressions, drug usage and other means which are just other ways of oppressing and controlling people.

This is the 21st century and is also termed as the Cyber Era, with all the developments made from the digital age, we have reached to new heights of Information Technology. Even after crossing the pinnacle of Information Technology we have continued to grow, all the information that is available in the world is available to anyone with an internet connection. Even with the modern technologies the thought remains monochromatic and rustic, it is not about the support that they ask of their actions, but to understand the bigger picture instead of scrutinizing the small indiscretions.

The harm of this culture is undeniable, but the ignorance of culture of the guardians is also damaging to the same respect. Understanding and hearing the voices and opinions of the future is essential, the differences between the times of the two generations should not be the reason for separating their values to which both are well aware. Compare the world 30 years ago, there used to be some rebellion even then, some from the people who restrict us from the same. Earlier the use of marijuana cigarettes was common and everyone has probably experimented with them, but today it is forbidden and harmful, tobacco cigarettes now-a-days don’t even come under the category of drugs the legal age of smoking is apparently 13. A cautious authority is understanding but an oppressive one certainly increases the chances of rebellion.

Our actions are the result of the environment and its influence on our lives, influenced by good things leads to betterment and the reverse if you are influenced by the negative. On the note of influence a quote by ‘Jim Morrison’ the lead singer of ‘The Doors’, “Whoever controls the media, controls the mind”.


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