Granny and Me: The Bonds We Share

The sun rises each morning and the flowers bloom each day. Life offers us a plethora of motivational events through nature. It embodies in us the compassion to be the keeper of a bond. “Bond” is that attachment with our loved ones that holds hearts together. It goes through a lot of troubles and those which are true grow stronger. Bond is very delicate which once broken between people can never be connected together. Everyone has many different kinds of bond in their and hence, my life too depicted different and varied aspects of bonding with my dear and near ones and also with my soliloquy.

Childhood is the most important period of one’s life. It lays the foundation of learning and growing mentally as well as spiritually.The day we begin to understand the meanings of unspoken words, we enter the period of uncovering the unknown and unwanted. My childhood was very memorable. I spent my childhood in a town named Kharagpur, 127 kilometers away from Kolkata in West Bengal. There were many incidents that helped me mature and learn through life experiences and bonding.


Memories of early childhood have become blurred and the only thing which I remember is my granny and her bed-time stories. Our grandparents always love us and tend to share their own life experiences with us.  She was not so old when she came to stay at my home during the holidays. I was five at that time but I remember how she used to wake me up in the morning and take me with her to pick flowers in the garden. It was a delight to be with her. When I went to sleep, she was always there by my side to tell stories every night. I was delighted with the bed-time stories and I shared everything with her.

She was not very pretty but was one of the most beautiful women I had ever met. My bond with her had the softness of a flower and the innocence of a newly born baby. I spent a lot of my time playing with her after I returned from school.

I was unaware that she was suffering from heart problems. Soon as days passed, she became very weak. My parents took a good care of her. It was 8th August 1996; I went to school and came back as usual. But I didn’t know what destiny had in store for me. I was playing with my granny. She got tired and felt asleep soon. She went to sleep and told me-”Good Night, sweet heart” and I wished her in response. It was night and my mother told me to call granny since dinner was ready. I went to wake her up. I tried to wake her many times but she didn’t react. I was not able to identify what had really happened to her that she was not answering back.

I ran to my mother and told her that, “She is not answering.”

My mother ran to check her and found her cold. I had never thought that was the last time I had wished my granny “Good Night”. It was for the first time I saw someone die and the feeling was unexplainable. The feeling of someone who was there with you left you suddenly leaving behind only memories. Her silent departure left a lot of my questions unexplained. She will always remain an important part of my memories.

She made me aware that nothing lasts forever. Future can be very unpredictable so it’s better we live for the present. My bonding with my granny will always remain linked to my heart. She made me grow and mature and understand certain uncertainties of life. I wanted to spend more time with her and share some more beautiful moments but destiny always has some other plans for us. Time heals everything and soon I got occupied with other important aspects of my life but time will never be able to fade her memories.

Life gives you many opportunities but never gives you a second chance to live your past or correct your past mistakes. It is very uncertain and somewhere we always feel that if given a chance to correct our past, our future would have been better. But digging and keeping our soul in the grave of the past is like burning the opportunities of the present and blurring the success of our future.

However our life is it is meant to be like that with flaws and little perfections. We should never forget the value of the things and people which are there with us and the value of the bond we have with them.

Life is too short to think about the uncertainties of life but long enough to learn from it. In my life, there were bonds that are still alive, some have left and some are still a part of my memories. The special thing about bond is we never know when we get bonded to a relation and when we lose it. So, we should hold each bond close to our heart, who knows when it is with us and when it’s gone.

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