Born To Die, So Live Now

Have you ever really wondered what Life is really about? What happens in the in the journey of life as we starting moving towards death as soon as we are born?

The art of Existentialism. I came across while pursuing my course in Literature from Delhi University. Some found this concept extremely confusing as we jumbled around with the Myth of Sysiphus and Samuel Beckett’s play, Waiting for Godot. Both of which, I should add, are must reads. It really opened my eyes to the concept we define as living today. There is no plan as such that we follow. Except one, which is bestowed upon us as soon as we are born, the path to death. It’s a fact of life we simply cannot deny. It’s all a play of emotions and feelings that you have within you and of you are able to sync them with that of the people around you, you’ll lead a well balanced life. The way you are and behave is exactly what you’ll get in return, so isn’t it better to make the best of this time given to us on our journey so that we can pass away without any regrets, knowing we have lived our life the way we want to, to our complete satisfaction and not anyone else’s. This is what existentialism teaches us. The truth about life. Once we open our eyes, we start our journey towards the end where we must close them once again. How you live your life in between that period, how worthwhile you make it, it’s all up to you and the decisions you make concerning yourself. No one can influence your decisions. What you decide, is all because it made some sense in your head at that point of time. Once you start doubting yourself, people around will start doubting you. Think about it. Haven’t there been times when you felt you just have to do something because felt right to you, all the way down to the core of your heart; and then you suddenly decide to do something that is the complete opposite and your head is screaming out “No” in all possible ways? Now, if you would have stuck to your decision at that time, wouldn’t you have somehow been happier with yourself? Wouldn’t you have been proud of the fact that, yeah you did something no one else thought of, because in your guts, you knew you were right.


Let’s talk about the Myth of Sysiphus; Sysiphus was condemned to rolling a boulder up the hill and watch it roll back down, for the rest of his life, by the gods for he had sinned. That’s how he spent his life. Day after day he would roll it up to the top of the hill and then watch it roll down till the bottom where he had to start all over again. Now, two outcomes could come of this fable. One, he could apologise to the gods, accepting his mistake and perhaps get a lighter sentence. Or, on the other hand, he could take pride in what he did, and accept the consequences with full responsibility, as he was right on his stand. Of course, he chose the latter, and he decided to make the punishment better for himself. Instead of groaning about the mundane, boring job he had to do every single day, he took advantage of the situation to benefit himself. Each time the boulder would roll down, he would sit on top of the hill and relax himself, breathing the fresh air around him. This became his incentive of sorts, as he looked forward to being on top of the hill and taking in the beauty around him. He decided to spend the time given to him on his way to death, in a pleasurable manner, as he started to enjoy doing his menial task every single day for the rest of his life, angering the gods further in the process, though they could do absolutely nothing about it.

This seemed like a perfect example of how one should perceive the situation around themselves. Granted at times, you may be given a task that you would hate to do, but there are always two sides to a coin. Now, it’s entirely upto you, what side you choose to live your life as doing. You can spend your life cribbing about the “worst thing that could have ever happened to you” or you could turn the tables in your favor and choose a complete different way of looking at it. You see, it’s all a game of the mind, and your  mind is in no ones control but your own. Everyone wants their life to be simple, classy, living up to the expectations of the dreams you once had. Right? Now, there really isn’t any other way to achieve that other than twisting something in such a manner that you end up enjoying something you perhaps loathed. Once you figure how to go about doing that, you would lead a much happier life. I know I do.

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