Born an original, don’t die a copy

Okay so you’re that girl who whistles in a movie hall when she gets too excited on the entry of her favourite hero, let me tell you, as much as you may have to hear about that later, I’m proud of you. I’m that girl too. I don’t know how to whistle though, but I’d love to do that. We all know the boundaries of appropriate and inappropriate by this age I guess, at least we have a fair idea. That doesn’t necessarily mean we have to comply with all the societal norms right? You may be judged on several criteria on different days by different people; that’s never going to stop. No matter what you do or what you become, you’re bound to have critics, or someone who doesn’t approve of something you do, the way you speak, the way you dress, the way you think even maybe. People aren’t sometimes even liberal enough to even allow you to have your own opinion if it’s any different from theirs; they find it offensive or something. That shouldn’t even make you refrain from being who you are because you’re supposed to be an individual with your own thought process, belief system and your own interpretation of the world. Just because your wavelength doesn’t match with ten other people in the room shouldn’t make you awkward. You should always be proud of your uniqueness.


My sister likes spending. And strangely enough, she likes spending on other people, buying gifts for them. Ever since she started earning she must’ve hardly bought herself anything, and that’s considering she’s a girl. If I were earning, I’d be at the mall every weekend buying myself something or the other. I’d literally exhaust all my earnings in that maybe. But she’s different that way, she likes giving people things that make them happy. She’ll remember that mug you saw at a gift shop 4 years back, or a pendant you saw at an accessories store, and she’ll buy it for you the next time she sees it. She drives me 5 miles away from home when I have a midnight cupcake craving and she won’t buy one for herself. That’s what makes her happy, and I believe that not only makes her unique but also very special and wonderful in so many ways that she probably has no idea. And she always wonders why she’s so different from everyone else and tries to fit in. You need to be comfortable in your own skin, in who you are, what you look like and what you feel like. Even if you have feelings for someone you think is completely insanely wrong for you, you must at least accept the feelings. Till you don’t get comfortable with them or settle for them at least, there’s no way you’re getting rid of them.


You don’t have to settle with everything in life, not with your fate, and not with hardships; but yourself? Yes completely. It’s obviously implied that your being and behaviour must not cause inconvenience or trouble for anyone else around, that wouldn’t be justified. Your freedom must not come at someone else’s cost. But if it isn’t any great trouble for anyone else, then why not just let it go? You’re fat, okay. People will constantly tell you that you need to stop eating and It’s greatly affecting your appearance etc. Till the day you’re not motivated enough to exercise or have the will to shed those extra pounds, everything you do will go in vain. Whatever you do must bring you peace of mind or make you happy. Everything in life doesn’t have to be a task. Sometimes yes, things need to be done whether or not you wish to do them. There’ll always be some compulsions. I know of nobody who has ever lived entirely on their terms too. And there’s a reason behind that. Because man is a social animal and we have interaction needs. And if you’re living in complete oblivion and ignorance of the world, you’re not going to be accepted. You can’t live that independently either.


But this shouldn’t become a hindrance in your life right? People around you are here for your betterment, to add value to your life. Not to stop you from being the person that you are. People don’t need to change, they need to improve. If you’re that hyperactive person who jumps from one place to another and talks at the speed of light, believe me you’re better off that way. Being anyone else will take away your originality, your uniqueness. And your uniqueness is a power that no one else has. Believe me, even if it feels like it’s doing you no good, one day it’ll do wonders for you. And if nothing else, it’ll always keep you happy and give you peace of mind, and that itself is a wonder. I’m too loud for people around me, I talk too much and crack bad jokes endlessly and I’ve been asked to shut up more times than you can imagine. But at the same time I’ve even met people who appreciate that about me and quite like it actually. They like my company for this reason, and you’re going to find these people too. So don’t try to fit in or be like everyone else, that’s way too monotonous. The world has enough of those people already. Add some colour to the world. Be yourself, because everyone else is taken anyway.


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