Thousands of people in this country have their own dreams of being successful person in this world. They want to start their own business, want to live on their own terms and want live a successful life. Every one of us wants to make our dream our reality. We do lots of work to turn our dream into real. But only some of us become successful and others try to achieve but fail to achieve it. But it doesn’t mean that we should stop working on our dreams instead we should keep working harder and harder in different ways to turn our dream into reality. But there are many people who don’t even try to achieve their dream. To make your dream your reality, the thing you require is that you should become your own boss. Les Brown says—“If you don’t program yourself life will program you.” To turn your dream into reality you have to plan some actions which you will have to take in order to change your dream into reality. Don’t let others make decisions for you. It’s your life, you know yourself better than others. So, it’s your responsibility and duty to take decisions for yourself and for which you are capable in doing so. Nobody in this world can know you better than you, then why you give them opportunity to take decision for yourself. You are capable of taking decisions for yourself then it’s your duty to take right decision for yourself. At time you can consult for others. Others can only encourage and motivate you to achieve it. It’s you who have to take first step towards your dream and make it your reality. Michael J. Geb says—“By stretching yourself beyond your perceived level of confidence you accelerate your level of confidence.”  The only way you can achieve your dream and success is to first take some actions in that particular area in order to develop some confidence which will bring you closer towards your success and dream.


If you want to start your own business and want to live on your own terms then you have to focus on certain things. Firstly, you should take a first step towards your dream and take a stand for yourself. Don’t bother about your current circumstances and conditions; instead try to change them by applying all your efforts. Don’t look at the problems always look for the solution. If you will look at the problem you will not be able to find its solution. Take the total responsibility to change the direction of your life. If you are not comfortable with the current situation then forgive yourself and look for different solutions and accept the fact that no one can fix them except for you. Don’t blame others for your circumstances it will not help you and do nothing. Accept that it’s your responsibility to change your current circumstances not of others. Take appropriate decision and action to change your current circumstances. “There are two primary choices in life: to accept conditions as they exist, or accept the responsibility for changing them.”- said by Denis Whitley.


Secondly, identify different aspects and facts of yourself and look for right business for which you are capable of. Give yourself an opportunity to explore yourself. Identify your inner clairvoyance and work upon it. Many times we ignore our insight feelings or clairvoyance even though we know the reality or the truth of it. We should not do this. We should do the things which we like to do or the things of our interest. We should identify the type of business in which we are comfortable and can provide our 100% effort to it. Identify the type of business which is right for you. Understand your interest and likes then choose an area in which you are confident and have enough knowledge to carry out your business in smooth way towards success.


Thirdly, make a business plan; it will help you to bring you closer towards success. If you will not plan beforehand, then you will suffer from various difficulties in business. Beforehand planning helps you to move in smoother way towards your success and also it help you get to market faster. It also helps you to gain confidence, sharpness and attention. Your business plan should not be more than one page. Write down all your goals and actions which you will take onwards in your business, it will make your business real. Fourthly, you should identify your target customers or audiences who will buy your product or use your services before spending money or investing money in a business. In this step you have to focus on certain things such as who are your target audiences, why they need your services or product, your size of target market etc.


Fifthly, you have to understand what type of business you are going to build whether it is a lifestyle business or high-tech business and accordingly you have to invest in your business. In order to seek outside funding of your business it is important to understand your personal finance and accordingly invest the right amount of money needed for your business. And also understand the kind of money you need in your business. Sixthly, in order to make popular your business, you need to build a support network that will invest in your business and have trust and believe in your business. You need a network of advisors, supporters, investors, vendors etc. Last step is to focus on serving your customers in the best possible way so that they have keen interest to buy products or services from you. And the more you will serve to your customers the more money you will make from them.  So if you are a beginner and starting a new business then these steps will help you to achieve success in your business and will turn your dream into reality. By following these steps, you will become your own boss and have successful business.

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