“Out of the box” thinking!

A lot of students in the age group of 17-21 go through a lot of stress and are put under so much pressure. It is not that they cannot handle it. They can. But, when they are facing it all for the first time in their life, it is a little difficult for them to get used to such mental trauma. Some of the issues they come across may be very simple that parents think they are immature. But, they do handle a lot of really great and mind blowing things that most elders and parents don’t know about.

Every child is sure to undergo some kind of trauma when he or she just steps into the teens. Parents talk about the crude reality in the outer world. To the young girls of the family, parents go a step ahead and ask them to be vigilant and cautious and initially, they keenly note if her steps are prudent and calculative. Boys are given no less attention. A mother is always on the watch and with all the composure and patience, she advices her boys to be virtuous and molds them to make them perfect gentlemen. Never has it been easy for both the father and the mother to keep an eye on the child always. Be it a boy or a girl, they can do nothing more than sweet talking or advising them about the dos and don’ts.


Even after all the endless talks and rebellious fights at home, children slightly tend to move towards the “not needed” path. They fall in love; they experience the good and the bad, get their hearts broken and finally realize that the parents were right. Again, in a few years, they fall in love again. This time thinking that they’ve grown up and learnt what not to do and what to do in a relationship and end up getting hurt once again. Not that the parents are completely unaware of whatever the kids do. They know every move the child makes and experts say mothers judge their daughters by the way they look and they judge their sons by their stride. I have experienced it and it is mostly true at all times.

We cannot conclude that love, relationships and friends are the only things they go through. There are a lot more to the list. Once a child completes his or her high school, they are made to decide the next big step they want to take for their own future. Till the last generation, parents chose for the children and never even gave them a chance to know what are the choices given to them. But, parents today are wise and clever. They make the child analyze every option that is thrown upon them and make them choose whatever they think is the best for them and to build a strong future for them. At such immensely stressful times, children hardly sleep and even if they do, they are woken up by nightmares. I had dreams of failing in my board exams a week before writing the boards. Trust me, they are nerve wrecking.



After all the board exam mega drama, hey have to choose their colleges and mainstreams. Most parents think, falling into the “engineering pool” will cleanse them and they will come out with offer letters from all the top IT companies. But, the reality is a dirty sewer and how well children pushed into the sewer, clean themselves and come out bright and fresh. And if they are fresh, they are sure to understand that they’ll be placed in the benches first and gradually kicked out of the IT company they are placed in, someday or the other. That is when they think about competitive exams and the next few months go in preparing for them. The agony and distress they undergo is simply depressing. I still remember my friend who memorized “GRE words” and would wake up almost every night and refer the dictionary as she would have forgotten its synonym. And after all the stress, depression and thousands of rupees spent for the registration and study materials, most of them come out with phrases like “bad luck” “bad day”. They don’t leave it just there. They make sure they give it a second chance and a try with a few exams they thought they wouldn’t write. All this intimidating exams and torture students undergo, they proceed to pay lakhs this time for creamy universities they call it. When they are done with their higher education, they are probably 24 or 25 and would have lost all their energetic youth phase with exams and research papers.

This might just seem like another “free advice”.  I just thought sometimes, thinking out of the box makes life much simpler. Most students stop thinking once they complete their 12th board exams. I wish that isn’t the case. Unfortunately, the system doesn’t provide you with much option. But, if you think and try hard, you can make your life interesting at the same time make money out of it. One of my friends took up music as his majors and is trying hard to succeed in his field now. One other friend took up psychology. It’s great to see such initiatives. I just hope the number of people who think differently and taste the delicious part of life as much as possible before those white hairs start popping out.



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