Do you love me ? she asked. Yes , he replied with a smile. But a mere yes could not satisfy his girl. She wasn’t convinced with his answer. Why? she popped her next question. Just because…he said knowing this will not satisfy her any further. But there has to be a reason she now said finally a bit irritated. There are more than you can ever think , he replied looking into her eyes.

Yes, all guys are not the same, all guys are not players. There are many out there willing to keep their girl’s trust, willing to love her with all his honesty. There is never just one reason a guy falls for a girl , there are many. There are things; little things they love, admire and appreciate about girls. He wanted to tell her what he feels about her, that how much she mattered to him and how her little gestures and thing made him so happy.

The way you look into my eyes with your lip curled downward, he began, with such innocence that’s when i know you have done something wrong and you just won’t confess because you are too stubborn to do that. The excitement on your face I see when we plan to meet after a long time, that’s when I love you. He replied. The way you tie your hair and then again let them lose after every ten minutes, that’s what brings a smile on my face he said.

She wanted to say something but he stopped her for he wanted to speak out those little details he had kept in his heart for so long.

And he continued , the way you keep your head on my shoulder , that’s what I love about you. The way you try and make my each birthday special just to see a smile on my face , that is what brings contentment to me. The way you try to understand football even when you are least interested that’s when I want to kiss you. The way you experiment with dishes for me – that’s when I feel special. The way you dress up just for me that’s when I feel the luckiest guy on the earth. And  the routine question you ask just by your eyes asking me how you look that’s when I fall in love with you all over again.

He then paused just to look at her reaction. She couldn’t say a word and he got all the love and warmth from her eyes. I love you because you listen to my endless stories , tirelessly, without judging me , he said. Because you are there for me when nobody else is. Your hug is all I need when I am in doubt. I love those ten thousand little things you do just to make me feel special and the fact that I am your guy makes me proud , he added with glittering eyes.

Yes, we as guys are not that eloquent in showing our feelings to people we love and care about but that does not mean we don’t feel anything about them he said. You think I don’t think about you the whole day , to which he answered himself- I check my phone a number of times just to see you texted or not.

I love all those stupid names you call me by- he said. The don’t annoy me , they make me realize that you have an authority over me he added.The stare that you give me, yes; that’s when i know you are pissed off at me. Your each gesture has a meaning and I understand each one one of them. I know you need to be assured about our love and I am ready to give you that assurance everyday of my life. I am ready to listen why you hate that girl in your class – no matter how long or boring the story is , he said with a smile. I am ready to give you that needed attention that you require when you think nobody cares about you. I am all willing your friend, your partner in crime- before being your boyfriend.

The best part of our relationship is our friendship he said and I cannot even think of losing you. I test you in my own ways to deal with my insecurities and the and the happiness I get after seeing how much you love me is amazing. I am in awe of that look on your face when I tease you,  he added. You think I don’t notice things about you ? he asked only to answer himself. I see and know every little detail about you , I see the efforts you make just to keep it going and that’s why I love you.

She bit her lip , she was more than happy. He knew. She couldn’t have probably asked for anything else – for her happiness and her faith in her guy was too high.

from my boyfriend's diary

He then gently held her face in his hand and said , I love you for being there just because…I love you for us the most and he kissed her with all his love.

The best boyfriend you’ll have isn’t , the best looking, the funniest or the richest, It’s the one that makes you feel gorgeous , hilarious and like a million dollars. He makes sure you know he loves you. – Unknown

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