Brave The Storm

Our true mission on Earth is to live life according to our own whims and fancies and to fulfill our personal legend. All of us set off together in the journey of life sharing indefinable love, care, affection and support for each other. However, a few get caught up in the race while facing real challenges such as aloofness, loneliness, abhorrence, tiredness and boredom thus giving up midway. We tend to doubt our own abilities and fail to enjoy the beauty of life completely. A myriad of emotions crack us from within but we still try to pedal along oblivious to the beauties and the challenges of the road. We see life as a duty; as a mere reason to fulfill our obligations, however it is not so. After suffering a few falls with no one near at hand to help we feel like giving up. We ask ourselves if it is really worth it. We forget the numerous moments of ecstasy that life has given us due to that one moment of agony.

Yes, it is worth the effort. Life is worth enjoying with the invisible forces of love, death, power and time. The dark clouds do disappear and the sun remains the same. Joy and sorrow are the two sides of the same coin. We must remember this. Love is a force that transcends across all barriers and inherently heals everything itself. A small hug or a kiss can break cemented bridges in a jiffy. It is a shame that people see only the differences that separate them. See each other with love and recognize each other’s affection. If you were to look at each other with more love, more than half of the world’s problems would be solved.

It is good to be aware of death as that awareness brings us closer to life. Death pushes us to live every moment of life as it were the last. Death gives meaning to life on the whole.

It is a misconception that power traps and stifles us. Power does not entangle us in fact it makes us grow. The struggle associated with gaining power makes us evolve as an individual. However, power itself without the struggle is meaningless.

Time is one of the highly debated concepts in the modern world. We feel short of time. Always. We are bound by the restrictions that time imposes on us. Time often limits our opportunities. Time waits for none. However, if utilized correctly time is our greatest partner, our greatest friend.

You are not alone on the road. Your friends, your foes, the river, soil, air, flora and fauna all accompany you in your wonderful journey. Take a deep breath and heave a sigh of relief. Life is indeed very beautiful. When you listen to the voices of the animals, the rustling of the grass, and the murmur of the water, the singing of the birds and the rushing of the wind, you will find an evidence of unparalleled unity of the whole universe. The universe is one.

facing the storm

Human beings are highly contradictory in nature. We are in such a hurry to grow up and then we moan about our lost childhood. We compromise with our health for gaining wealth and then spend all that wealth to regain our health again. We keep thinking about our future oblivious of the fact that by doing so we are neglecting our present. So often in our lives we are crumpled, trampled, beaten and left alone but we still stay the same. Despite all this, we are still worth the same. We should not indulge in self pity. Instead, we must keep walking on the path of life.

Never underestimate the power of hope, belief and imagination. What is now proved was once only imagined. The existence of cars, scooters, airplanes, computers, mobile phones and internet were all unbelievable and unimaginable things at one point of time. Believing that a miracle could happen any moment is a constant source of happiness. Belief justifies our existence. Many people think it is impossible to bring about a transformation in the society. It is impossible to alleviate people from distress, to feed the starving and to do away with poverty. However, it is true that hope, faith and belief conquer all the atrocities of the world. Believe that you can do it, only then will u be able to. Live your life believing in dreams and do your best to combat injustice.

Do not be afraid of disappointments and know the power of strength and love. Do not make yourself incapable of taking decisions and do not shift the responsibility of your decisions or mistakes onto someone else’s shoulder. Keep struggling against what is wrong. Unless and until you do that, you will never find the right direction. We always have the necessary resources to face the storms that life throws at us, but most of the time we waste an enormous amount of energy and time in finding those resources.

With any storm that brings destruction, it also waters the fields and brings immense joy to the farmer. As with any storm it will pass. Learn to face these storms.   

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