Breakups – They End

breakups-they end

Relationships are a beautiful thing to happen to anyone , that happiness , excitement and smile on our faces all the time.That feeling of being loved is just so beautiful to be ignored. But are relationships all about love ?. No. A relationship makes you experience all kinds of emotions be it fear , jealousy , possessiveness and loneliness too. Yes you can be lonely in a committed relationship when you are the only one dragging it. Trying to maintain even that little contact with that person. And then after a time your patience gets exhausted and you just can’t take it any further. That’s when all the beautiful things in alliance with relationships just seem to disappear. They just seem to vanish.

Breakups are indeed the hardest part of a relationship. They badly put you down , tear away you confidence in your own self leaving you alone and shattered. They give you that sinking feeling , that feeling that things can never get back to the way they used to be , no matter how hard you try , they make you feel low. Suddenly you start missing all those happy moments you have spent with that person that you forget about the harsh truths because of which you came out of that relationship. Breakups make you realize that nothing lasts forever. They make a person psychologically weak that that person just can’t focus on the happy things in life. This is what happens when you give too much of yourself , too much of your time to someone. All kind of insane ideas cross your mind and you just start ignoring things to a great extent.

Breakups might not always be that difficult but just as first love is extremely special , first breakups are extremely painful. Probably because that’s the first time you ever realize what it is like to let go of the person you were so close to some time back and you thought you couldn’t live without. And then moving on takes time. Love feels like the greatest thing in the world until it ends after which one becomes so unmotivated in life . Some people even start believing that they can never fall or can never find true love again. But a weird and true fact of breakup is that it is not always the separation that hurts us , its rejection. And rejections hurt even more when they are totally unexpected. Also once you are really attached to someone , being without them becomes a real tough job. We become used to the attention we get from that person and hence their disappearance makes us feel lonely.

You can always move forward but this may not really help you forget your past.At first this can make moving on really difficult but in future it can provide a source of strength and confidence. The past kind of sticks with you in all sorts of way . Even if you enter into a new relationship you tend to compare it with your old one or try to avoid the mistakes you committed in your first or previous relationship. While past on one hand can prove to be a hindrance on other hand it can act as a guide for you.

Breakups stick with us and it can really difficult to let go of the past . We’ll hurt regardless of how hard we may try to overcome it but we can with some efforts definitely move on. We all have to realize that breakups are not the end of the world . In fact they help us see our future in a better and a more experienced way , making us see things more clearly. If we all keep in mind that we all have to go through the same challenges at some point or other in life – we will or we can realize that we are not alone.

One of the most painful things in life is loss and losing contact with the person we love will obviously be heartbreaking. When we are feeling devastated after a breakup it is important to take a hard look as to what might be creating this feeling. One has to understand that they are whole as a person on their own and they don’t need anyone to complete them . There are also those people who who have experienced tons of breakups despite being aware of the fact that things just can’t work out between those two and they unite.If you have broken once then its just not meant to be. You just probably wont realize it now but once you move on of that breakup , things will be much more clear and you will know that it was the best decision made . Holding on things only make situations worse and what is the point of making things worse for your own self. You take all sorts of resorts to make yourself feel better and that is the only way out to make things better for the benefit of your happy future. Breakups can really break you but they end too.

I think the worst part about a breakup sometimes , if one could choose a worst part , would possibly be if you get out of a relationship , and you don’t recognize yourself ¬†because you have changed a lot about you. – Taylor Swift

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