Have you ever seen a stubborn child? Have you ever noticed how determined the child is when he demands. No matter how many times his mother or father say no, he simply does not take no for an answer. The child can no longer imagine his life without the object of his desire. He resorts to crying, throwing things about and gets out of control. You must be wondering that this article is on parenting because I haven’t yet mentioned the word that interested you and made you read this article. Well, if you imagined the situation you read above, you must have got a hint of what I was trying to tell you.
The Bible says that it is the children who are the dearest to our God. Think more about it. Being dear to God, promises a life full of happiness and joy and it is the children whom God loves the most. In no manner, does this imply that children do not face problems and they do not face failures. What this means is that the love of God is so incredible that no matter how huge a mountain stands in your way and no matter how deep a hole you fall into, you will be able to face it all.
Throughout our childhood we are fascinated about being a grownup. When a father shaves, his son wants to shave his own face too. When a mother puts on make up, her daughter wants to use the very same lipstick too. The fact is that a child does not have to wait too long to stop being a child and he does not know that. Stress from school and then college and then a million other things to be taken care of take their toll over the child within him and all he is left with is a machine that is programmed to do what his boss wants and what his family wants. I am not saying that being good at your job and keeping your family happy is a bad thing. It is absolutely essential to lead a happy life but there’s more to staying happy. That’s motivation. Motivation to be the best at what you do, motivation to be the best spouse in the world, motivation to be the best father in the world, motivation to be the best daughter in the world and the motivation to be the best you can be. That’s what you must possess to constantly have the thought in your mind that you have everything you need.

“The only way of discovering the limits of the possible is to venture a little way past them into the impossible.”  Arthur  C. Clarke.

Where to find this motivation that I am talking about? You can’t go to a store and buy motivation and hence money cannot buy happiness. You can’t ask someone to lend it to you and you certainly cannot ask God for it. Now why am I saying that? Is God too weak to give us motivation? No. So does God not want us to be motivated? Again the answer is No. Well then where can you get motivation? My friend, you do not need to go looking for it out in the world. You will see some people who are highly motivated and they will tell you how great it is to have finally found and experience the power of motivation but they cannot give it to you no matter how much they want to.

All you need to do is close your eyes and imagine your childhood. Change whatever you want to. That is the best thing about imagination. You can see whatever you want to. So when you imagine your past only imagine the happy memories. Recall all the moments dear to your heart and try to relive them. Imagine them as clearly and vividly as possible. It may be the day you graduated. Recreate the entire picture again. Include the minute details too. The bright and sunny weather, the pleasant smell in the air, the beaming faces of your parents in the crowd and your high school buddies around you. Recall it all. Imagine the emotions flooding through you. Do your best to relive them. Do you remember how excited you were to do whatever was required to ensure that you get what you wanted to?
It is strange and sad when you see yourself devoid of that amazing desire that you once possessed and made you feel that nothing was impossible for you. Life is tough and all the challenges that you face want you to think that you can’t overcome them. They want to strip you of your motivation that fuels you to work hard and move closer to your destination.
The fact is that you are never stripped of your motivation. Nobody and nothing can take it away from you. It is the burning desire within you and all they can do is reduce that fire to embers that will always stay hot and will again be a raging fire as soon as you decide to be motivated. You need to look inside your heart to find it. You need to rediscover the child within you and stop taking no for an answer. When God made you, he placed motivation within your heart so that you can keep it all your life and use it to strive to be the best that you can be.

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