If It’s For Yourself, Then It’s Not Called Giving Up

Have there been times when you’ve just tried and tried and tried to make something happen, but it just wouldn’t work? When you’ve tried to make it up to someone time and again, but they just don’t pay any heed to you at all? When you’re on the verge of giving up on the people you considered closest to you? Or when you just couldn’t help it at all but you feel yourself being drawn to that situation which you want to avoid at all costs?
But have you realized just how much you’re draining yourself of the energy, time and emotion that you could use for something much more constructive? I know, it’s hard to give up. It’s not good to give up. I also know, giving up is never an option when you have so many memories together. I know we’ve all heard the “fact “that if you give up, then it really didn’t mean that much to you. But is hurting yourself, sucking yourself dry of all emotions, is that being fair to yourself?
I realized this today. Sometimes you just have to put yourself in front of everyone else. I couldn’t keep putting myself down just because some people refused to understand my point of view. Haven’t you all felt that? When you just wish that your opinion could somehow be understood and accepted by the people who “know” you. I wished they just understood, I couldn’t help it at all.
You are worth the time you give yourself. You’re worth being you. We all have people who hold a special place for us, friends, boyfriends, girlfriends; all of them add that meaning to being you. But you need to accept the fact, that even if they are special for us, it isn’t necessary that we are for them at that same level. There might be a slight difference. The way we react, the way we deal with situations, you may not get the same back; and you need to be prepared for that. I have started to believe that. I know how it feels. You’re a big group of friends, you’ve been together for so long, you’ve had so many good times, but one little screw up and suddenly you feel alone. Suddenly everything feels so different, it doesn’t feel the same anymore. People change, times change. It becomes difficult to adjust according to the change. You need to stand up for yourself, and that may hurt, you and maybe the others around you, but it’s for the better, for you.

There are people worth trying for, again and again. But then again, how far can you really go. People need time. They need their space. They need to think. If they really are that hurt, it might take time for them to come back to you. But if you really mean that much to them, they will.
Misunderstandings happen. But time heals everything. You’re not giving up. You’re giving them the time to think it out. But in that wait, don’t think you haven’t done enough; because you have. You’ve given it everything you possibly could and you need to stop trying. Going overboard might end up ruining it further. The wait helps. Trust me.
It’s a part of growing up. The maturity with which you think and handle the situation, it’s all a part of it. The patience with which you deal with it. It’s worth it. It’s the decision maker. It helps. You. You need that time for yourself, and accepting that is the first step.
No one is or should be more important for you than yourself. Making sure you’re happy and satisfied is the first rule of life and no matter how close you are to someone, no one can bring you that inner happiness that you can. I know it. I’ve learnt this from experience. Waiting around, beating myself up over small issues and arguments, mood swings; all this used to drain me out completely. But ever since I’ve started thinking about myself, taking care of myself at par with the rest, and not being dependent on someone else, I’ve never felt happier.
It’s something we all need in life. That time for oneself. That space to breathe and be ourselves truly. To accept ourselves for we are. To be honest with ourselves.
It’s not giving up, if you’re doing it for yourself. Your priority should be You above anyone else. It’s all life’s play to make you believe that the people around you are more important. Think about it. How do you expect to take care of the others around you and keep everyone happy, if you yourself aren’t?
It’s something to ponder over. You owe yourself that much. That choice to make sure everything is going right for you the way you want it to, keeping you right on top of the ladder.
Now is the time to start. You need to set that pace for yourself. If you start now, nothing can stop you later. You’ll feel like you’re worth it all your life and you’ll automatically spread more genuine joy and contentment around you. You’ll radiate that aura without making any effort that you’re trying to achieve right now. Try it, and let the magic you possess, take over.

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