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For every individual on this planet, the motive of life, the things that they want from life, is very different. From the time a child starts understanding the society, starts to develop a sense of right and wrong, as codified in the social realm of our lives, starts thinking about his/her future, from that time onwards, there is a certain change that takes place in them. Everyone undergoes that change, which changes their attitude towards life, and as they grow old, complete their high school, enter college, complete their graduation, hopefully in the field of their choice, some of them start making plans, while some others start to implement them. These plans are actually the blueprints of their dreams and aspirations, of their desires shaping up and taking form.  Each person has a different plan, each individual wants to be something, wants to be someone, whom the world recognises and respects. But, this is on a broader perspective, because as we look deeper, people are restricted because of their gender, race, culture, religion, and a lot of other discriminatory basis. The worst of all among them is the gender. Especially in our country, it is very difficult for a girl or a woman, to try and establish her name in the society. And mind you, that name is only her name, not followed by her husband’s surname, or her father’s. It’s their in our society, that even if the girls are brought up in high class societies or cities, it is perfectly put into their minds, that they don’t have a lot of time in their hands in which they can exercise their freedom, as marriage is always the ultimate thing. Other than this, the economic status of a person also affects their dreams, as they are reminded again and again, in every step that they take, that they are underprivileged then some others, and they will be having a tough time than others to establish themselves. So, what exactly am I trying to say here? Well, I wanted to write something encouraging and motivational, for all the people out there, who want to make it big, as I want to.



We all want to be the best in our fields, and with hard work and dedication, we can achieve that, and along with that, we must chant ‘ I can do it’  to ourselves. There will always be people, telling us that it can’t be done, stopping us on our paths, putting up the impossible sign, restricting us because of various reasons, bit one must remember, that these are the people, who don’t have the courage or the skills to do what we can do. They can just intimidate, threaten, warn, but they won’t take a step on  the roads that we want to go, and we just need to push ourselves and we will do it.

It was never easy for Albert Einstein all the way, for he struggled through a very poor childhood, where he was living alone, in a very impoverished area, and not wanting to go to school. Who would have thought, that even when he was not paying attention in his classes, he was actually capable of teaching the class itself. Not everyone understood him or supported him, but with perseverance, knowledge, confidence and skill, he made a mark on the world, and is one of the most celebrated scientists in the history of mankind. This is an example, which just makes us believe, that nothing is impossible, never again for us, and we can always achieve what we want to.

Mr. Amitabh bachchan, a global icon, who has fans all over the world, and is one of the biggest personalities of all times, had faced rejection in his career. He was rejected once for his voice, which was considered unsuitable and too heavy, and now, his baritone is one of the most prized possessions of Mr. Bachchan.

It was not an easy struggle for Mr. Nelson Mandela, for he dedicated his entire life against apartheid, and promoting peace throughout the world, but he did it, and now he is remembered by one and all.

What I am trying to say here is not that we all need to be so famous, or we need to do something so big or life changing. Life is full of competitions and only one person can win, but that does not mean that the others don’t participate in the fear of losing. We should be determined enough to take steps towards achieving our dreams. It might be easy, it might be not, we might face difficulties, rejections, failures, but that is what makes our life more interesting and worthwhile. That is what forces us to think, to fight back, and to win. Confidence is the key, with which we can get what we desire, the zeal, the passion needs to be there in us, as it forces us to do things that we want to. It’s not wrong to get scared in life, as we start, but once we have started, it’s right to complete our mission, to travel the entire path, without any expectations of winning, but with the contentment of doing what felt right.

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