Can A Guy And A Girl Really Be Friends?

We all think we can answer this question very conveniently. Of course, a guy and a girl can be friends. Just because a person is of the opposite sex doesn’t mean they’re supposed to be attracted to each other. They can be friends. In fact they make the best of friends. I have a guy best friend myself and I’m so lucky to have him. He probably knows more about me than any woman I know does. So yes, you can share a great comfort level with a guy without developing any romantic feelings towards him and vice versa. But then why is it that quite a number of times this friendship goes through this crazy infatuation phase, where you don’t exactly understand whether you’re just friends or more than that?



One, The people around you tell you that you guys look like you’re in love or you’d make a great couple, or hey, how come you guys aren’t dating you look so good together? They contribute a whole lot to these kind of awkward phases in a very healthy smooth going friendship between a guy and a girl. And that’s solely because they force you to think and consider the possibility of actually dating. Like they make you wonder what it would be like if you were going out. And when you begin to picture that in your head and it appears all rosy and you feel like they might just actually be right, then you’re giving way to awkwardness in your friendship. Rather, you’re practically inviting it. So whoever is telling you that you guys must date, please tell them to go take a hike if you do not want to destroy your beloved friendship and not accommodate any kind of weirdness between you two. Or may be if you actually do want to give it a shot, you can, of course there’s nobody stopping you but that’s only when you’re prepared to never be the same kind of friends again. Believe me, exes don’t make best friends. There may be exceptions to that but I haven’t seen any.


Two, when either of the two, or both of them are pretty attractive. Chances are that at some point of time or the other you will begin to get physically attracted towards the other person and it’s only natural. But it’s up to you to listen to your hormones or allow your head to take more sensible decisions. I believe it’s very important to know the person you date well and obviously you know your best friend or even a friend pretty damn well so it isn’t a bad choice if you’re considering it, but just because they’re attractive or good looking isn’t a good enough reason to date someone. You don’t choose who you date or who you want to be with on the basis of their colour, shape or size. You remember your favourite childhood toy? You love it the first day you see it and you love it even when it’s all worn out or even torn to shreds. That’s because you don’t love a person’s appearance but what you share with them. And friendship is also a form of love, and a very genuine one. So if you are not being shallow and thinking straight, you’ll probably keep your friendship above all this because it deserves that.

Everything said and done, I do believe that two friends can make a great couple too. It’s just important that they feel for each other that way naturally. You can’t love something because it’s good for you because when you begin to love it, you know there are chances that it’ll not be such a smooth ride, but you’re like, to hell with that I love it anyway. It’s a risk you’re taking. It’s not an arrangement but a feeling and it’s better if it’s kept like that.


And if you’ve been in love with someone all along, you’ve always longed for their hugs and stared at their Facebook profilers and then later you become friends with them and your feelings don’t change, that’s a different case altogether. Because for you, they’ve always been more than a friend so there’s nothing wrong with approaching them or letting them know how you feel. If you’re scared that you’d lose them as a friend too, then you don’t have to be because you didn’t look at them that way in the first place, so you aren’t losing anything. You might just gain peace of mind though. And it’s not even necessary that you’d lose them if you let them know. If both of you are sensible and mature enough to handle things appropriately, you can continue to be good friends. So yes, guys and girls can be friends, they can be the best of friends because I think every guy needs a girl to remind him that he doesn’t have to put up the strong show all the time, and every girl needs a guy to help her relax and think less about unimportant things. But if you fall in love with your best friend, and they fall in love with you too, you’re just about as lucky as a person gets. We all try to make our best friend out of our lovers, if you find your lover in your best friend, what could be better? So Don’t hesitate to fall in love, don’t be scared because whoever it may be with, it’s going to feel all the same, and it’s going to feel wonderful.


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