Can Life Be Given a Second Chance Post Breakup?

Life is a beautiful journey and everyone chooses their own path towards their goal. There are many events that take place  and we meet many people along the way. We lose many relationships too but that shouldn’t stop us halfway since life waits for no one. There must be some other relationship waiting for us as we move forward. Love is a beautiful feeling which everyone wants to experience in his or her life. It changes the life of a person completely and adds spark to your life. But love never comes in our life with a guarantee. Due to some reasons when our relationships end up, we are left alone. At that time it becomes very difficult to move forward and forget all the time spent together.

After losing someone you love so dearly, you’re scared that you’ll never find anyone to replace them. At such a time, we are required to stay strong and choose any one path, that is, either try to solve the problem or get yourself out of such relationship that hurts you.There is no harm in ending a relationship that is not healthy or compatible. Breakups can be heart breaking but never let it break the strength of your mind and soul. Breakup may give you pain but we should always remember that when one relationship ends, we try to move forward towards another which may be better. So life should be given a second chance.


1.Move Forward


Life does not end up here and it keeps on giving new opportunities to start your life in a new manner. It is very tough to overcome from that grief and disappointment because memories are always there in your heart. Some people are blessed to fall in love again. They meet someone in their journey who again brings that happiness in life which was lost somewhere. Yes, it is difficult to accept someone else in place of your first love but you have to move on.

Life always goes on, whether we are in the condition to join it or not. It never waits for anyone. You just have to recognize the opportunities given to you and believe that everything happens for a reason. It is rightly said by John F. Kennedy-“Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.”Just be optimistic about your life and try to give someone a chance to make some place in your broken heart.

2. Talk To Your Friends


It is said that a friend in need is a friend in deed. So share your feelings with your friends and then they will help you to feel better in your worst situations. They will inspire you to move forward in your life and forget the past. When you are surrounded with your loved ones, then you can easily recover from the bad phase of your life. True friends are always eager to support you whenever you need them. They always try to bring your smile back which is lost somewhere by cracking stupid jokes. Talk to your friends about what you are feeling at that time so that they can help you to come out of this situation. They just make you count the benefits of being single and free from all kinds of restrictions. They try to engage you in other activities such as cooking, dancing, singing etc which can bring happiness in your life.

3. Stay Calm


Just give yourself some time to come out of the situation. Understand that there is no benefit in shouting or crying for another person who has gone out of your life. Try to remove all the negative emotions from your mind and think in an optimistic manner. This will help you to forget your past and move ahead in your life. Lots of patience is required after a breakup .Try to spend time with your closer ones because you are more comfortable with them and make a distance from those things which make you feel annoyed. Don’t lose your temper on someone who is not worth of it. Live your life to the fullest and stop blaming yourself for what happened. Meditation can be the best tool for breakup recovery. It helps you in self-analysis and healing a broken heart.

4. Follow Your Happiness


There are many things which can bring happiness back in your life. Remind yourself that there are many personal pleasures such as dancing, singing, playing, chatting etc that you can always enjoy on your own. Just do whatever you want to do and live your life in a better way.  Spend time with your friends and relatives who always want to see you happy. All these ways will give you tremendous energy and inspire you to move forward in your life. Spend some time in nature as it will help in changing your mood within minutes. Happiness is hidden deep inside us we just have to feel it.

5. Avoid All Communication


This would be the most difficult thing to do in your life but it’s the only thing that works. You cannot be just friends while you want to end up this mess and get over each other. If you try to communicate with each other after the breakup then that simply means that you are not ready to end this relationship. Just accept the situation and work on moving forward in your life. Don’t let the same person hurt you again and again.



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