You can never Please Everyone, but You gotta Live

Yes you can’t, no matter how hard you try and how badly you want to! Relax this article isn’t a way which I am using to vent out my frustration but this is rather a simple fact life makes us realize every now and then and sooner we accept it the better it is.

Currently I am organizing a college event which is a whole lot of task. Though I am not really into running here and there making arrangements for food, music, decorations etc. and usually I am the last one to volunteer for such a task. But this time I really wanted this thing to happen and no else would do it so I decided to step in and make things happen, along with my team! Now organizing is not a simple task. From promenading the markets to buy satin sashes for as low a price as possible and ordering mementos for a huge bunch of students to checking out different restaurants from where we can buy food in bulk. And not forgetting to mention cutting pastel sheets in more than a hundred pieces to make tags for the students and “Thank You” notes for the teachers who might or might not show up. But even then, Thank You madame/sir! You know somehow all this is still manageable but what I really want to talk about is the thousand expectations you have to live up to and the responsibility that is over your shoulders is not just to get everything done but also ensure that everyone leaves happy. And that is according to me the most difficult thing.

Well in my present situation what I am dealing with is that everyone has a different taste and a different choice, if I order for Chinese food a lot people will make faces because they don’t like Chinese food. (Which according to me is completely lame, I mean how you cannot like Chinese?!) Anyway, if I order for Indian food the other half will be like we eat it all the time, get something different. So no matter what I choose, there will always be a set of people who will be left unsatisfied. And making everyone happy is not just impossible but also unnecessary I think.

you cant please everyone

One can always try their best to make everyone happy but sometimes thinking about the pleasure of each and every person alive is sheer stupidity. And why do we have to?

A lot of us stress over keeping the people around us comfortable for most part of our lives. A majority of our decisions are influenced by what our friends will think, what our family members will think or the worst of all, what the society will think. But should that really bother us? Should we sacrifice our own pleasures just so that we can keep the people around us happy? Should you lay too much stress upon doing things the way others want, even if that means losing your individuality and personality? Hell, no! You don’t have to.

you cant please everyone 4

First of all it’s just not possible to please everybody. If you do things a particular way someone will be happy while someone will not like you for that. If you do them the other way again the same situation comes up. So what’s the choice we are left with? None. But the more important thing is that do you need to please everyone? No. You don’t and you can’t, so wasting your mind and energy over it is completely baseless.

You are here to live your life, to please yourself. So live the way you like, live the way your heart wants you to. And it doesn’t mean you have to disrespect the feelings of everyone who is around you but it means prioritizing yourself above others. People you love and care about and who love you back and care about you too are worth thinking and being concerned about. But if you keep living your life in order to make everyone happy then you are not really living but merely playing a part like a puppet.

you cant please everyone 3

When one does accept this fact and stops worrying about pleasing everyone and starts doing their own thing, they also have to be prepared for a certain amount of criticism. How fair that criticism is? Well, I don’t know about that. But what I do know is it shouldn’t affect you as long as you are happy with your choices and your decisions. If you decide to be with a particular guy whom your friends do not approve of, they will behave little indifferently. But if you are happy and feel like he is right for you then listen to yourself and not to what others have to say. For you have to live with the consequences not them. And you sure as hell do not need to live your life in a way that you have to give up on your dreams and wishes just to please others. It’s your life, live it the way you like and keep yourself happy!

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