Career: A compulsion or a dream?

I have my exams in about ten days time and I’m studying like 8 hours a day since I haven’t touched my books all semester and I’m genuinely completely lost as to what to do. My subjects somehow seem to dry to interest me or allow me to focus and then I have a million things to distract me. I’m not easily distracted, so you can imagine how boring my subjects must be for me to be so distracted by everything, literally everything. Even the curtains moving is distracting right now, I’m in that state. Well, nevermind. This is the story of most students a week or two before their exams or whenever it dawns upon them that they really need to start studying. Throughout the semester, we’re flying paper planes out of the class, bunking lectures, texting incessantly, playing Candy Crush or basically doing anything apart from studying. Exams feel like such a pain, don’t they? Now the deal with the education system is that we choose subjects apparently based on our interests. And then they hand over at least ten more subjects to us to study which we have no clue about and blatantly disinterested in.


It’s like a one on one offer, only thing being that the free subject is kind of a pain here. But then we need jobs right, so we have to swallow the pain and drag our feet towards the study table. Okay, maybe to an extent these subjects are complimentary and needed to supplement the knowledge of the main subject, I completely get that. But are these subjects really made interesting enough for us to do anything with them apart from cramming them up till we’re through with our exams and then forget about them altogether. Believe me, it actually happens with me. I forget about a certain subject’s presence in my course, because it seems to insignificant and again I’m pretty negligent too. It’s important to have knowledge of a lot of things as a matter of fact, but whenever I pick the newspaper and try to read the science section, just even get the gist of it, I actually cannot process or retain anything. Even Politics for that matter; since I lack interest in it, I don’t actually remember the system of the country, or who’s the minister of what state and I know that it’s important to have knowledge of all this being a citizen of this country, but unfortunately I still can’t develop interest in it. It’s very hard to develop interest in a subject that you don’t like. It’s almost as hard as trying to love someone you don’t actually like.


Similarly when you’re forced to study subjects you don’t like, it feels like such a drag. They’re more time consuming for you than they’re supposed to be, and despite of investing of so much time on them, you’re unable to concentrate or remember or understand them. Imagine, those people who are forced to take up certain subjects because of the demands of their parents or because their line of interest is not academically oriented. You know, sometimes under family pressure or even peer pressure you choose your career path based on other people’s opinions, based on what they feel you’re capable of doing or what would be benefit you most. But at the end of the day, think about it once, who actually has to go through the entire process of mugging up countless words and sentences which make no sense to you whatsoever? And how long will you be able to push yourself? Yes, determination can take you very far in life, but determination needs some backing, some motivation, which this path that you choose will always lack. I know sometimes the path you choose may have a lot of hurdles, it may involve a lot of struggle and sometimes you may even feel like giving up and taking up something easy and convenient. But what you’ll receive at the end of this struggle will be very rewarding. You’ll achieve what you’ve always wanted, you’ll be what you’ve always wanted to be, and on top of that you would’ve shut a lot of mouths who didn’t believe that you could make it.


And we all know this, there’s a lot of pleasure in doing something that others think you weren’t capable of. You may have to hear a couple of really hurtful things from people who’re close to you, but war always leaves some wounds right? And one day when you’ll be there at the top, nobody will ever question you anymore. And you’ll also make the lives of so many other people a lot easier. They’ll always give your example whenever someone doubts them. Be strong, have faith in yourself and keep wanting what you want bad enough to keep you going. Nobody thought a man could climb to the top of Mount Everest, but someone did right? And those are real big achievements; you don’t even have to climb up there. You just have to fulfil your dreams, and they are achievable. Don’t be afraid, you might be the ambassador of change that everyone’s waiting for. Be someone else’s hero, make them believe that their dreams are not all that distant, they’re right in the palm of their hands, they just need to open their fist to see them.


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