Career crunch-obstacle in one’s growth

A few days back I got a hasty call from my brother asking me whether he should for opt for science, commerce or arts in his senior secondary education. For a few seconds I was taken aback that of all the people including his friends and others he had called me up to advise him about his career options. Then I felt happy about it for he did not take me as granted and considered my saying to be equally significant in his life. Little siblings are like soft clay mounds. They need tender and caring hands for them to take an important shape. I advised him to go with humanities as he had a knack for arts and oratory skills. I imagined him to be either showcasing his paintings in big art shows or he would be one of those journalist guys with overgrown beard, a jhola on the shoulder and baggy kurtas. Both of the options seemed perfectly fitting for the type of person he is. I was elated with the fact that my parents were cool with him opting for a career path that is completely different from science. It is common observation among Indian parents that they tend to let their kids opt for science and ultimately end up with a job in engineering or as a doctor. Not that I am stereotyping them, even my parents wanted my brother to go for science and become a doctor. They wanted one of their kids to become an engineer, as I am on my way and the other one to become a doctor. But things take unexpected turn.


Science, as we all are aware of holds within it the immense opportunities and career options. You go with it and you can pursue your bachelors in technical education, pure science and many others. People tend to overthink the fact that if you are a science student, then you are overtly intelligent and smart in your ways. Not that I am denying the fact, it is true that science students have a particular way of thinking and their problem solving techniques are fast and effective. But overemphasizing on this fact and ignoring the importance of other subjects is sheer stupidity. One of the instances which led me into writing this article was when I told one of friends about my brother selecting humanities over science and commerce. She replied that science students are genuinely more worthy and that I should have advised him to opt for science.


The problem with today’s generation is that very few students tend to walk on ‘the road not taken’. Those who do should stick to their goals and ambitions and never falter because others have something else to say and do. One must possess the power to dream big. Dream big and dream different. Do not go about selecting the same career as your friends are opting for or as your parents are asking you to. Once we get out of high school, we are mature enough to realize whether we would fit in the science section or the commerce section or our place would be somewhere out in the open sketching the nature. One should also be cautious at this age. Parents must make it a point that they do not pressurize their child neither should they leave them all on their own. Sometimes when the parental help is not present, the students tend to resort to their friends. What is good for their friends need not be necessarily good for your children.


The next time your child comes up to you in dilemma regarding his career, do not go about preaching him about the pros of science and the demerits of other streams. One must be thinking that being in the field of science, how possibly could I speak against it. The truth is I am in love with my subjects and need not be all appraised about them just to show their importance. One must be aware of other options as well. Analyse yourself and see where you fit in this world. Will you be happy working in the hot atmospheres of a refinery, or the air conditioned cubicle of a private software company? Would the job of government bank attract you or will you be more than satisfied with drawing your heart out on the canvas and speaking to the masses through your art? One should always keep in mind that education should not be confused with the art of making money. I must make it pretty clear that these days we study just to land ourselves in a highly paid and respectable job. We are least worried of whether we should be emotionally and socially satisfied with our lives. A pay check which is quite less than what your friend is earning can be viewed in a better way if you are satisfied and content with your job. if you can dedicate time to your family, take them for holidays and bring a smile on your parent’s face, then you are doing a great job with your life and also absolute justice to the purpose for your being here.


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