Castles In the Clouds

A world inside the head knows no limits. It’s a bounty full of thoughts, some whimsical others practical. It’s a flight of fancies for me. I like stretching my imagination to the extent that many would bring my sanity into question.

Today I’d be taking about the whimsical thoughts, my very own castles in the clouds.

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My first Castle in the Clouds: Witches!

Are they for real? Perhaps not, but I’d like to think they are, simply because—now, don’t roll your eyes—I wish I were a witch.

I don’t know about you, but I find myself and others often being asked if you could be a superhero/superwoman which character would you choose. There are so many superpowers out there, how can one choose. I’d rather have them all. Hence, a witch!

When someone says witch, what do you think of? A long nosed woman with a pointed hat and dirty broom? A pretty lady with a bonnet and crystal ball? What is that exact image conjured at the mention of a witch?

When I was a kid, witches would have reminded me of an ugly woman with scary eyes, long nose, crooked teeth, unkempt hair, black hat and a broom. In my head, she’d lie in wait, watching her poor unsuspecting prey, looking for the right time to pounce. She’d strike, wrapping her fingers around her prey’s neck. Her wicked laugh would ring in her prey’s head and she’d feed off the fear. On her broom, she’d fly away with her prey. What happens after that is too ghastly to be recounted here! My imagination ran wild back then, it still does.

At twenty-nearly-one, witches no longer seem quite that daunting to me. They’re someone I’d associate with beautiful fantasies and mystic forces. The ugly is replaced by pretty, scary with kind, her nose is back to normal size . . . you get the idea, right? In my head, at the moment, she’s this lady dressed in a flowing red gown, soft curls falling down her back, sparkling eyes and a crystal ball cupped in her palms. She’s checking out if someone is in serious trouble so she could just pop in and help. After that, she’d laze around for a while, talk with birds, and conjure a castle out of the air. I should stop here lest this gets to my head.

My second castle in clouds: Jumper!

If I can’t be a witch, then I’d like to be a jumper. You know that 2008 movie starring Hayden Christian. Not that, mind, I like the movie. I don’t. It was a good one-time watch. What really struck me was the guy’s ability of being in any place of his choice at any time. I want that power.

I’d love to travel to the remotest areas, to the beautiful and the adventurous ones. Everywhere! Traveling has been a constant in my life so much so that living in a place longer than two years makes me want to go on a killing spree. Okay, maybe not that drastic.

Besides, sometimes when I find myself stuck in embarrassing situation (which is often), wouldn’t it be awesome if I could just vanish. Poof!

Sometimes when I do something stupid and mom is in that you-get-here-I’ll-roast-you-mood being a jumper would be a life saver.

So yeah, I’d love to be a jumper.

My Third castle in clouds: Zorro’s Female Version!

What do you think of in context of fairly tales?

Silly stories with story lines cut from the same cloth, tried and tired formulas, a prince or a princess, and a happily-ever-after. Despite that, they’re fun to watch.

Zorro has been a favorite of mine since the first time I read about him. There was a time when he influenced me so much I wanted to learn fencing. That wish never came true though. That’s something on my bucket list, right below horse ridding.

But then as I outgrew my obsession with him I got to thinking I’d like to enter into a modified-to-my-demands fairy tale with a Zorro-like heroin (staring me) who rescues a prince in distress. Her horse will be Maximus-like (the horse from the Disney movie Tangled—that horse was amazing, was there anything he couldn’t do?!). Why must it always be a damsel in distress I’ve always wanted to ask the writers? A guy can be in distress too, he should be, just to balance the scales. And there wouldn’t be any singing in the story. Why is a Disney movie never complete without songs? How can every character be a good singer? That is criminal.

These three were the top-most castles of mine.

I am well aware that they go beyond wishful thinking and cross into crazy land. I’d say I don’t care. It makes me smile thinking of the sometimes weird, sometimes funny things that will most definitely never happen. At the moment when I am lost in day-dreaming it’s a nice world inside my head. They’re fancifully happy thoughts—happy being the key word.

So, I’ve a lot of castles built in the clouds.

And I for one would say everyone ought to have castles. Day-dreams, so long as done in leisure time, are good for us.

Do you have castles?! If not I’d recommend you start right now!

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